05 April 2012

Norbu Wrote About My Childhood

Norbu- My Victim!
Norbu Tshering is one of my junior high schoolmate, who forgave me and wrote about the change in me. I wasn't surprised when I read his blog post "Passu-The Metamorphosis", I was only thankful he showed mercy by just writing a little bit from my childhood. He is one among the many schoolmates who didn't enjoy their school life because of me, and I had been too brutal to understand that. 
He wrote "Believe me he was more than the average Denise the Menace; an outrageous wild energy ever ready to do anything, especially beat you up. He was neither a gang leader nor the school boss but within our own age group he was someone you didn't want to mess with unless you had the protection of a bigger boy.
I was a wild village boy trying to survive among the decent urban children and in my quest for attention I landed up being a terror. My village folks have a big hand in creating the then me; I was made to fight every boy in the playground and they would cheer me. They declared me the champion fighter of Yangthang, whom even the boys from neighboring villages feared. Brutality of my primary school added more horns on my head and by the time I joined junior high school where I met Norbu, I was literally out of my own control. I would fight three fights a day minimum and get beaten up by big boys and teachers when I wasn't lucky. I went on fighting- fighting another battle within me to free myself from who I was. I felt guilty and sorry after each fight I won, I felt scared after every fight I lost, and every night I would say to myself, "From now on I will not fight anyone." 
It took hundreds of nights over the years to break free from my childhood instincts and find the man I am today. It takes a willing heart to change the design of the god. I was born wild but I didn't like that, so I sort to change and I have.
My apologies to Norbu and so many schoolmates in whose lives I came like storm, but for me you all came like pieces of puzzle I was trying to solve. Norbu and I are friends now. 


  1. terror.....i dont believe it...but whatever the changes u hv forced to urself for better...is the winning story....

  2. Azaii..lol...yet i remember playing football and basketball ball with you at bajo high school, didnt even had the smell of that, anyways hats off for the change and lucky to have seen new passu, if not i might had been one amongst those lot of victims..hehe

  3. Your tattoos didn't complement with the gentleman I saw in you. Now I know from which slice of your life they came onto your skin! :-)

  4. Your tattoos didn't complement with the gentleman I saw in you. Now I know from which slice of your life they came onto your skin! :-)

  5. That was an awesome high school story. Can't be more excited to know that once a notorious boy could turn up to now Gentleman :D

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  7. Childhood is a chapter in life which is best remembered by everyone

  8. I completely forgive you now because you have managed to express and explain so well in your writing, why you were like you were. Your skillful word-use has convinced me fully that it was not your fault. I rather feel sorry for you, and I know that was exactly what you intended out of me and the other readers. Well my friend, your writing has done that.
    I can't help but feel ashamed for not trying to be your friend then.

    1. Thanks Nobu, I don't know what would have become of me if we had ever sat together and knew each other... But I am happy we have lived two lives now!
      It's good to know you are back to school. Your Calcutta story was very heartbreaking. It touched me!

    2. Thank you for reading, your words are valued. It is good to be your friend.

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