07 April 2012

What You Can't Teach Your Family

I have been driving for the last four years and covered over 30,000KM, in which I had my wife sitting next to me most of the time. She had been by my side from the first day I began driving, she sweated and shivered along with me. I remember her saying, "When I start learning driving I think I won't take so long, I have feared my share with you already." But it's been four years now and she still can't drive.
I often heard that it's not possible for a husband to teach his wife how to drive, which I didn't believe because I am the most patient husband I know. I tried all I could to find time, place, words and mood to coach her but after the theory applies universally- I failed. She asked me to drive her home before she knew which one among the three pad was brake. After that neither her nor I mentioned anything about driving. Every Sunday morning I would wish if I had tried little harder- so I could sleep little longer. Thank god Ganjung Driving School has come to Bajothang. My wife shall be the first graduate from the school, I promise.
I am a maths teacher and have been teaching the subject for the last five years. And in the last five years my son failed in maths consistently. My son is a very intelligent child with very high IQ, but there seems to be something missing in his ability to do maths. I was trained and even experienced in dealing with average students but when it came to coaching my son there seems to be something wrong in my training or my experience. I have helplessly watched him fail every year. He's sent to hostel now, perhaps he might finally do maths peacefully and surprise me with his result. It's proven now that a father can never teach his children, especially if he is a teacher.


  1. So then I can safely assume that you are a miserable failure - both as a parent as well as a husband LOL

  2. hi sir,
    u were ma IT teacher in UDHSS Haa....but i wonder teaching math at Bajo.i feel oneday your son would b best in mathematics.

  3. Dear Alpana, how could I forget you of all the children, you were very open and forward. I am surprised you are a mother...
    I am happy you have found me here and dropped a comment. Thanks.

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