23 April 2012

Phuba Thinley in Sunday Market

It's hard to determine why movie actors and singers are not regarded as stars in Bhutanese society; nobody really becomes excited(or pretends not to be) about seeing one, nobody walks up to them to ask for an autograph or photograph, nobody stops to watch them pass by expect the little children- those honest souls. Rest of us look at them from the corner of our eyes and watch them only when they have passed. Then we make a u-turn and follow them with excitement and without admitting it. We pretend not have seen them, why?
We Bhutanese, I believe, are so full of ego, enough to export across the world. Their movies make us laugh and cry, their songs make us tap our feet and nod our head but we find it so hard to submit it, we find it hard to wave at them when they pass by, we find it hard to shake their hand and tell them how we feel about their latest movie or the song.
I am guilty of hiding my excitement as well but it's more of my worries than my pride, I am worried if the stars are ready and open enough because they are used to being unacknowledged and I could take them by surprise. But to the stars I know- Chencho Dorji, Toeb Kinley Tshering, Tandin Bidha, Pema Yangki and Sonam Choki- I have honestly admitted how their works thoroughly entertained me and my family. I am yet to meet Namgay Gigs to tell him that my daughter was fond of his songs right from the birth, I wish to shake hands with Ugyen Panday and tell them how he transformed the Bhutanese Music Industry, I wish to hug Jangchub Choden and tell her how she touches the bottom of soul.
Phuba, his dimple, me and my little one!
And of all the wishes I met Phuba Thinley in Sunday Market yesterday. I always wanted to tell him how he contributed to my good health and happiness but when I went face to face with him I couldn't say anything, he wouldn't give me any chance, so I went on laughing. He was selling genuine Bhutanese movie CDs and his lozay booklet. Though there was an old man selling same movies (but pirated copies) just a few meters away from him at price 10 times lesser I bought two movies and his booklet from him, and that's my contribution to fighting against open piracy and that's also my love for the big-jaw Phuba Thinley, at the cost of my own pocket. Me and my wife chanced to tell him how his movies are entertaining our daughter and how she is imitating him. He happily posed for photograph with us, where he asked the cameraman (my sister inlaw) to make sure that his dimple appears boldly in the picture- and it did!


  1. This reality hurts.
    I think, one day, I will go and meet with my first sight love and my first fan Bhutanese actor, KENCHO DORJI I have ever admired. I fall for his smile no matter how my friends critiques me for loving him. I just love what i love and I can't deny it.
    Anyways, Passy Sir, I hope you get to meet with the stars one day and surely, share your interest in films and all the entertainments in it...

    1. Yeesi, You mean Chencho Dorji? We studies together in Drukgyel. I will tell him about you and I can even arrange "Meeting the Star" evening for you during the winter- if his wife allows though. He was a star all along. He is still so humble.

  2. for me you are one that i want to meet and take a photo for all those wonderful read that i had and i hope to have..

    1. Somphel, thank for making me feel like a star, your wish is the easiest wish I know on earth. I will promise to write better, knowing that there are people like you who enjoys my writings.

  3. I can see coke on your hand sir;
    I read months back about cutting down your soda intake ... LOL

  4. same thing we 'my group friends' always discuss along the way to our home from the school..that why bhutanese actors and actress are not considered as stars like in india..
    in india flim industries and actors are considered above all...engineers and police officers are nothing in india...but in bhutan it is totally diff..and i am also wondering why..?


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