22 June 2012


My family may be among a very few in Wangdue who didn't have fish for dinner tonight. Even a small child is walking with a fish half his height this morning, when the Punatshangchhu swelled from flashflood in Gasa. With water so muddy fishes rush for riverbanks gasping for air, which is when fishing becomes a cup of tea.

There are hundreds of people along the riverbank banking on fishes, with buckets, sacks, baskets, and whatever can hold fishes. We caught up with a few young boys along our school fence who were generous enough to spare over fifteen live fishes for our fishery pond- but I heard none survived.

Two sights that shocked me most were;
1. A mother walking with her little son along the river bank, she had a shopping basket in her hand and her son was wearing just the underwear- ready to fetch fish from the water.
2. Two boys were swimming among the thousand driftwood with a chain of plastic bottles tied around their waist as safety.

By this it's confirmed that all the education on safety during and after flood that was broadcast on BBS (asha churi) has failed to alter people's greed for free fishes.

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  1. Good to know that there was no casualties but how on earth could a mother risk the life of her own child. This shows that the power of greed is far more stronger than anything else. Passu, as u have proclaimed, the advocacy campaign has done no good to them. I hope there are only handful of such people besides the general public being more aware of dos and donts. Nice coverage.


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