15 June 2012

Passing Star

Call it our luck or my daughter's sharpness; Comedian Gem Dorji was passing by through our parking lot and my two and a half year old lil girl who always laughed watching his movies and imitated him spotted the passing star. Then my wife insisted on calling him. I was left confused and nervous halfway through my work in kitchen garden.
I didn't have time to worry much about how he would react, I just greeted him and told him my family is a big fan of his with special emphasis on my daughter's fondness for his jokes.
Not so surprisingly he turned out to be a humble guy who came forward and played with my daughter and agreed to pose with my daughter. Thank you for making our day and leaving behind a special memory. And thank you for being a joker.

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  1. It is nice to be able to call out to a star and capture the moment. But something like this will change, so like you, I think I should make the best out of the opportunity when our Bhutanese stars are still on Earth.

  2. Ever since his joining in the Bhutanese film industry back 2006, he had continued to entertain the viewers. His witty is one thing and the joke quite another that kept his abilities the most sought-after in a newbie industry


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