28 August 2012

Casual Leave

There is nothing casual about casual leave when your are a teacher. We are allowed ten days of leave from school in a year and because of our obligations out of school and to our family ten days are often fully utilized. But not without ten days of guilt.
Wherever a teacher goes, no matter how good our reason, the echo from the teacher-less class rings in out head throughout the time we are on leave. I have at least five classes a day, and in three days I would have missed over fifteen classes.
If I could accomplish what I have come for I would be satisfied and perhaps it also justifies my absences in school, but when I am made to wait for hours at end I really wish I could rather attend my classes and come when they are ready. And when nothing is achieved beyond long appointments and senseless excuses I feel the guilt so vivid.
Yesterday was a long failed day in Thimphu, let's see if I could do something today.

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  1. it is very true. For teacher casual leave is nothing casual. Pray for sir that today you would succeed successfully. God always bless you........:)

  2. For genuine cases CL is good, But people (Especially teachers) taking advantage of it. If they are not ready with lesson or feel lazy to go classes that comes as CL. Another short cut is come to school and act like your sick or get one urgent call to escape. Under humanitarian ground that escapism won't be counted as CL or any other leave. I can give you more idea but my professional ethics doesn’t allow because I am also teacher like you and future of the world is in my hand, so I am leaving it to your perspective.
    Bye Take Care sir !

  3. Sir, don't you feel that 10day casual leave is very strict for Teachers. If given a chance i would definitely request for a work like other offices because i feel 10days only is not sufficient. many a times we face with various problem and definitely that would be during office hours.
    ofcourse people would say that we got long holidays during winter. but do you think all the works can be faced during winter. we know our works and experience a surprising to us and we won't know what may come or happen.
    so it seems that considering us same like other civil workers would be fair and justice because we will be able to cover the syllabus on time and get much time to do our work without begging to others. as they get fed up of doing so much of favour.
    don't you think so.
    sorry for the long post...


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