24 August 2012

Curiosity Post in Bajo WiFi Park

Curiosity Post
This Sign Post stands tall at the entrance of the WiFi Park and I call it curiosity post. If you look at it perhaps you will only be curious about how it was made because you already know about the things that are written on the planks. But in my school where every year over 700 students will walk pass this and not many will know what these are. They will be curious and the next time they are on a computer they explore, that is what this post is supposed to do.
A school is a world in itself; rich and poor, good and bad, intelligent and dull, happy and sad, beautiful and ugly, and many other extremes. And there is another gap that divides students into two, which is called the Digital Divide, and I am hoping to break that barrier subtly. NIIT's Project in schools across the country is training every student from class VII to XII in use of computer technology and they are introduced in use of internet as well. But how much do they know about using internet as a source of knowledge? and as a tool for collaboration and learning? This post has no magic in it but it can trigger the magic students have in themselves.
I have already had several teachers and guests from abroad who passed by the post and asked me, "What is KhanAcademy?" That's where the learning begins. I love explaining about each one of them,

The Curiosity Post is a piece of art created by the eight students I have in class XI computer Studies. Each one of them carved and painted a board each and we had a tough time deciding whom to be placed at the top. I am happy Blogger won the place on the top.The bird nest on the top is borrowed from another class that has done another project of placing bird nest on trees.

Update 25th Aug: 39 Students from Raffles Institution Singapore visited our school yesterday morning along with four teachers. They spent the whole morning mixing with out students in their classes. Some of our students were stunned by the brilliance of these young Singaporean kids.
 One of the teachers, Mr. Louis, who worked in Bhutan for a year and have returned thrice, told me that his student were amazed by the WiFi Park. He says they have wireless internet connection across their campus but having a specific place outside to relax and enjoy is something new to them.


  1. Super super amazing and creative work Passu Sir :)
    Well, what is meant by KHANACADEMY? I am sure this is important and close to you all since the BOLD LETTERS stands odd one out among all other enteraining icons.
    I LIKED IT! :D

  2. I too want to know what is khanAcademy. Will you please let us know la?

  3. What is KHANACADEMY? Passu sir.

  4. KhanAcademy.org is a complete education portal from where teachers and students can get tutorials on all subjects. All tutorials are easy to follow and understand. You can browse through throusands of video tutorials on that FREE tutorial archive website.

  5. Congrats, Passu. This is wonderful idea.

  6. Looks amazingly wonderful. Loved your side and way u achieved ua dream la. Feel good that Blogger is on top. i never knew of khanaacademy before but i knew it now. Pretty profound website indeed.

  7. My curiosity post theory is working even among my fellow bloggers, but since you have access to internet I will allow you to explore on your own.
    Thank you Pema for the explanation, which actually shouldn't be done, just to keep the curiosity alive.
    Like wise, my students will wonder what is Wikipedia? Blogger? Twitter? Youtube? and I am expecting them to learn... of course they know Facebook!
    Thank you all for your encouraging comments.

  8. Dear Passu,

    Every time i read your post , there is always something so personal at the same time profound for the well being of us the beings. This piece, your work involving and greatly empowering the students is truly amazing.

    Please do know that i have absolute admiration for you and to your profession. Your students are fortunate to have a teacher like you.

    I will come by one day to the WiFi Park.

    1. Your words are very encouraging.
      I welcome you to our Park, we will tweet and blog from there and have black coffee.


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