23 August 2012

Creative Works of My Students in School WiFi Park

 I have been dreaming of building a park in my school that will translate the idea of free and open learning environment into a real space. I read somewhere that modern classrooms should be www, which is a pun and interestingly means Wherever, Whenever, Whatever besides its actual meaning.
I planned a park where there will be beautiful benches to rest under the shade of green tress and wherever you sit you could catch strong WiFi connection. The idea was expensive and school had no money. But dreams require passion more than money, and passion I had enough. It didn't take long before I knew I could do it without money. With the plan in my hand I went looking for sponsors and surprisingly I received commitment from many people who would donate cement, wood, nails, electrical equipment, and wireless router.
WiFi Park Board (Hemlal and I carved and painted)

Then I was stranded at the idea of having to make huge number of benches. I would need a carpenter to work for me over a long period of time and he would want me to pay him handsomely. Even if I had money I will run short of bench designs. That is when I turned to whirlpool of creative idea, yes my students. I announced a "Park Bench Making" competition among sixteen senior classes and promised then attractive prizes. Then I went looking for "attractive prizes" while students worked on their benches. The result amazed everybody. Following are some of the benches my students created;
Bench 14, 2nd Prize Winner

Bench 10, Consolation Prize

Bench 5, Consolation Prize

Bench 9, Winner

With major portion of the work happening on its own, I was left with loads of energy to focus on the technical infrastructure, which was completed right away. Then I had to build a pavilion that will not only provide shade but also power supply to charge laptops. A colleague and his class of students volunteered to takeover the work.
The Pavilion
Seven out of 16 benches were awarded prizes based on the judgement of five external judges and acknowledgements were sent to our sponsors. Now the park is ready and opened for operation. You could sit in the shade and enjoy internet.


  1. Loved it!
    Passu Sir, you don't know how much you inspire me to become a humble and an innovative teacher in my near future. I am glad, I am to become teacher one day-not just for teaching but for helping and benefitting the students and people in it.


  2. You are a really bad teacher.......hhhaa...i can't stop liking you...Hats off.....

  3. So lucky is that school who has a member like you, so lucky are those students being taught by you, so lucky is your family having you as their right hand and so lucky is our country having a inspiring citizen like you....hands off to you sir...really appreciate your thinking...

  4. I follow the other admirers of your great work! My passion of wanting to be a teacher is getting sparked again looking at the way you take your profession. You are a 'developer' for sure to borrow the word from the book called 'Strength Finder'. You should check it out...it talks about how we should focus on our natural talents and not spend all our energy into sharpening the field we most lack our skills in. But looks like you got into the right job unlike many. May you never lack aspirations and inspirations to help your students!!

  5. You all don't have any idea how much your kind words are inspiring me. Thank you so much.
    This job wasn't attractive, and there were many instances in my life where I was influenced to leave but I had never thought of giving up yet. I look at the greener grass on the other side and think of water my own grass to make it the greenest.

  6. Nice and encouraging initiation sir!
    really loved it!

  7. wow bajo has reli improved alot sa.....dats grt work sir n even to mi lil bro n sis...v cant do such tthg wen i wer dea in sccol bt u guys has reli mad our scool beautiful...grt work....


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