11 July 2013

Meeting the Greener Friend

Karma Yonten, the founder of Greener Way and of course the winner of Global Entrepreneurial Award of the year, is a friend of mine on social media for quite sometime. I was following his greener way with admiration and shown interest to meet him. Thus it happened last weekend at Simtokha. We sped past each other on the narrow road and both of us pulled over and began conversing like we knew each other for ages.
We met again yesterday over coffee and shared so much within the short span of time he had in hand. He is a young man who has already seen so much of life in so many different shades. Listening to the stories of his journey before he found the Greener Way is heart wrenching yet so inspiring. He is still struggling despite all the name and recognition but he is built to survive out of the comfort zone. He is among the few Bhutanese who will go down in history for having dare to think and work differently. When are we going to break out boxes?


  1. He is a very nice man. Too bad, I am too ashamed to go infront of him. He gave me waste glasses and once he asked me to do drawings for him. That task was new to me and i was just a fresh graduate. he just gets job done and i couldn't handle the pressure.. haa haa.. perhaps now i can do his job, but i can't go in front of him still. Nice man. And surly he deserves to go down in history.

  2. It's a commendable initiative to manage waste and his wife Kuenga is a high school friend of mine.


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