12 July 2013

PP Teacher Forever

My Aunty, Madam Lhaday, is over 90 kg and does little or no physical exercise but what keeps her healthy is her job. She teaches Class PP in Dechencholing. She has been teaching Class PP for last 30 years. Some of her PP students are now principals, directors, senior officers,... Today she is teaching children and also grandchildren of her once PP students. Her hair has turned grey but nothing has changed in the way she teaches and deals with children... Watch the video to see what I mean:


  1. NO wonder people say "the heart of a teacher never grows old." Inspiring lady!

  2. Passu, your video reminded me of how she dealt with us during my stay in DPS than. She taught me in 1990.....what a wonderful madam....

  3. Wow.....I salute her!! Great source of inspiration.

    Fellow teacher


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