01 July 2013

Monthly Birthday Gift to my Daughter

My daughter, Ninzi Tshomo, in her three and half years of journey into life has only seen the best part of human life. It was her luck that she came into our life when Kezang and I are of right age to become parents and when two of us are well settled in life to offer the best. It was our luck that after the day she was born we got to see the best days of our life. She was someone on whom we could invest all our love and harvest unlimited joy. It’s a perfect life we are living, but this perfect moment asks me an imperfect question: Will this last forever?

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It’s a very simple question, yet it breaks my heart. Everything that begins somewhere will end anywhere and nobody knows where and nothing can stop. As long as I and Kezang last she will be a princess but the sad reality is that we are designed to perish. My greatest fear is that the princess might have to face life on her own some day, before we could make her ready.
If that day comes soon my daughter will be made to pay for all the good times she had with us, because we have lived for today and have done nothing for tomorrow. There is no home she can call hers, no a patch of land to set her feet and no savings to shelter her from hard reality.

I threw lavish parties on her first two birthdays and on third birthday it suddenly occurred to me that my daughter would need more than just a birthday party, because life is not a birthday cake, it’s rather like the candle on that cake that is blown off when the crowd sings.
So on her third birthday (29th Nov, 2012) I signed my daughter’s education insurance policy papers and sealed it with a kiss. I can’t buy her a house nor a land but I have readied her college fees that day. Education is the priceless wealth. On her 18th birthday she will receive her first premium of over hundred thousand ngultrum to pay for her college, and every year she will receive the same amount till she completes her college. On her 21st birthday she will receive the full bonus and have four hundred thousand at her disposal until she decides what to do with her life. Every month on her birthday, i.e. 29th, I gift her with the monthly installment. If someday I live no more the insurance company will still have to pay her college fees, as is mentioned in terms and condition.
If I am lucky enough, I will pray for that and even the insurance company will pray, to see my daughter go to college be there on her graduation day, then perhaps we will use that money to go on vacation every year, and on her 21st birthday she can buy a car for herself and take Kezang and me on ride, because by then my Sentro car will be too old.


  1. A very touching and humbling post. Thanks for sharing it with us. Life is uncertain and you have done the right thing! The nicest gift you can give Ninzi I must say!

  2. It welled my eyes with tears, such a thoughtful parents you and your wife are. Your daughter is so fortunate to have you, a caring and a nice dad.

  3. Wow..very touching post. It brought in my eyes the tears of happiness.....

  4. Hi Passu,

    If you do the math, by the time she is 18, she will get several thousand bucks less than what you would deposit in total. The only gain is if she is abandoned as you say. But considering you don't perish until she is 18, and if you put the total amount in a fixed deposit in a bank, you would earn good interest amount.

    When someone came to me with this scheme, I told her this and she was aghast at my argument and told me not to spread this idea. But of course this is an insurance policy afterall and your daughter will gain should she be left alone. But I guess I would like to think I will live forever...and not bank on such schemes on the account of fear of death. I would rather go for old age insurance scheme because I do not want to bother my kid with the nuisance of looking after a miserably aged mum :P

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  6. Dear Kinga,
    If i live long enough to see old age, I want to be independent too, I want to spend time creatively. I want to live strongly so that my kids will come around me happily.

    But about the insurance I must clarify that the agent that came to you fail to do the maths correctly. My contribution in 15 years comes to only over nu.400,000. That amount my daughter will receive in four installments during her college years. Then another nu.400,000 will be paid after the 4th year. Which totals to Nu.800,000, so we get double the contribution we made. Good thing is they are very prompt in helping us save the money, if we think of it as just saving.

  7. Monu, Rekha and Ngawang, There is a hard Reality behind every good thing and I am preparing for it. Hope you will do it early in your lives.

  8. Beautiful post Passang.... To me you are just another inspirational person of my life.... Tell you what? you are god gifted with those writing skills...simple, yet so profound!...I am touched by all the post i have read so far!...

  9. Passu now here we see the heart of father in its purest and richest form. I didn't think of any arithmetic calculation but yes! I feel good that if I leave my kids, atleast they'll have something as a gift from their mother! So, I share your sentiments too! :)

  10. Its a post by best father in the world... so touching... keep on writing la.

  11. Sir...When i just read your article it really brought tears into my eyes because i directly thought of my daughter too who is also 3yrs by now. I and my husband too thought the same and did what you did la. I must say it was really a thoughtful thought and a best gift parents could ever gift to their children.


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