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26 February 2016

Third Bhutanese Bloggers’ Conference

During the Annual Bhutanese Bloggers’ Dinner we unanimously decided to have the 3rd Bloggers’ Conference on 6th February in Thimphu considering the schedule of many members of the community. Bhutan’s alpha photographer and blogger Aue Yeshey Dorji took charge of the logistics. He showed us all how tough a taskmaster he was and how things were done; he pushed things so hard that we were ready a month ahead. This happened for the first time.
He not only had the venue ready but also the location map of the place, not just the menu but also the fund needed for all of it. The core team had only to get the four speakers ready and a moderator. The community co-founder Nawang P Phuntsho jokingly shared that he should first look for the moderator next time considering the difficulty he faced in getting blogger Nim Dorji to moderate.
With the opening remark by Rekha Monger the conference kicked of at 3pm in the RSPN conference hall. We had a cake cut to celebrate the birth of our Gyalsey. 

The first speaker to take the stage was our very own Chador Wangmo, the author of La Ama. She shared about her journey to Langdorbi in Zhemgang to help the children of men who lost their lives in a boat accident. She said that she had only been the bridge between the charitable souls and the victims, but I know she has been more than that. Mother of three little children and jobless, Chador showed to us how possible it was if you really meant to help. Her project not only took care of basic necessities of the children there but also gave them their fair share of childhood with gifts of toys.

The blogger who went beyond his blindness and showed us wit and wisdom of life spoke on what it meant to be disabled in Bhutan. He made us laugh with his humors as he narrated the story of his life. He said that ‘Bhutan is a compassionate country for the disabled people to live in’. He has never suffered any sort of open discrimination but he lamented that our infrastructures were not at all accommodating. We hardly have buildings that have access to wheelchair let alone the streets and shops.

The star photographer, Aue Yeshey Dorji simply ran us through some of his best photographs and on each slide he stopped to tell us stories, either of the subject or the process. By the time he finished I was wondering if there would be any other Bhutanese who would have travelled the length and breadth, height and depth like he had done. Then I realized that he didn’t become him by luck.
During the question session he was asked how he could be so bold on his blog, to which he said, “ Since when did we have this feeling that writing the right thing would get us into trouble.” He however said that it’s important to research and get the facts straight.

The final speaker was Binu Creativedonkey, one of the sweet naughty boys on social media who has thus far treated us with his instant wit and satires on almost every social subject. He runs three special blogs one being the satire blog called He began by insulting himself and then told us how satire was not one of the favorite subjects in Bhutan. He shared about how his satire on film industry cost him some contracts. He promised he would rock the hall next time because it was his first public appearance.

Just when we were about to wrap up Dawa Knight landed, four hours late for the conference. But over the phone he expressed his desire to do a standup comedy and that was exactly what we needed over the post conference drinks and dinner. Upon little persuasion he started his usual comedy, which I have heard hundreds of times. But with a mike in hand and facing the crowd he was magnificent. I laughed all over again.
Now we are seriously considering coming up with a YouTube Channel of Bhutanese satire and comedy with Dawa Knight and Binu Creativedonkey.

The most memorable part of the Bloggers’ conference is usually the social break after the conference where we get to meet the community members, take pictures, and share light moments. And because I am a night person and I bring my family along I don’t need to rush anywhere therefore I am usually the last person to leave the hall. I love the look on people’s face when I ask them to stay a little longer. It’s always Nawang, Che and Tharchen with me in the end. Dasho Sangay Khandu never missed any conference and would be the last guest to leave. He would kindly agree to drop off a carful of bloggers.


The conference was fully funded by five members of Rotary Club of Thimphu including Aue Yeshey Dorji himself. The partial support we received from BOB shall be used for next conference. The magnificent venue was provided for free by RSPN and their communication officer Pema Gyamtsho stayed throughout the conference to make sure we have the best of audiovisual and WiFi connectivity.

25 September 2013

Bloggers Around Bonfire

I extended 'Bloggers Meet in Thimphu' invitation to 1156 members in Blogyul (The Facebook Page for Bhutanese Bloggers), of which I assumed at least 100 to be based in Thimphu. Amazing 40 members said they were coming for the event on 23rd September. I was still in Wangdue when this event was planned but I counted on Riku, Ngawang and Sogyel to work on it and they actually made it precisely the way I romanticized- outdoor with bonfire.

It was unfortunately Monday night but Rima Reyka, Singaporean Blogger who is in love with Bhutan, has always looked forward to this day and I thought passion will surpass the timing. But I was badly betrayed when only eight of us gathered. Mr.JJ, another Singaporean blogger, was my guest to the event and that made two of them from Singapore.
From Left: Riku, Sogyel, Nawang, Rima, PaSsu, Tshering C Dorji, JJ and Dema. Kunzang Thinley(PSN) was Cameraman.
Tshering C Dorji, the writer of 'Shadow Around the Lamp' and 'Living the Bhutanese Way' paid us a surprised visit, all the way from Phuntsholing. He made the evening so much fun ;) and the story related it is exclusive to the attendees.
Dema Yangzom, the youngest among us made it to her debut bloggers meet. Her presence touched me to the depth. We didn't allow her to drink because she was still considered underage ;) but I don't know what happened later...
Kuenzang Thinley (PSN) drove 59 Km from Paro, after office, only to meet us. He is a father of three daughters and still found time and meaning in attending this gathering. I was reminded of the first Blogger Meet I attended in 2010 driving 75 Km from Wangdue. It's all about passion, and I will always cherish Kunzang's presence. 
From Left: Tshering C Dorji, PaSsu, JJ, Dema Yangzom, Sogyel, Kuenzang Thinley(PSN), Rima, Nawang
Photo by Riku
The remaining four of us where the hosts and we have met often in the past and I am sure we will always work together to organize such events- once beaten twice try.

Bloggers Who Attended (Click on the Names to go to their Blogs)
  1. Rima Reyka
  2. Nawang Phuntsho (Penstar)
  3. Sogyel Tobgyel
  4. Riku Dhan Subba
  5. Dema Yangzom
  6. Yee Jenn Jong (JJ)
  7. Tshering C Dorji
  8. Kuenzang Thinley (PSN)
  9. PaSsu

31 August 2013

14 April 2013

Meeting Authors

This morning I traveled early to Thimphu to attend a presentation by the two authors of, the most reliable blog on technology and tech-services in Bhutan. I will write about the program in the next post ( you can already read about it on their blog-Click Here).
This post is just to express my joy of meeting two great people Boaz Shmueli and Galit Shmueli, today and spending enlightening time with them. It has always been my dream to meet the two of them but on two occasions earlier I failed. I decided I won't let go this chance and even the luck gave with me- I received personal invitation to attend the presentation from Boaz, and my principal yesed it right away.

Boaz, I, and Galit