15 December 2013

Extremism and Buddhism, Sex and Liberation

Extremism and Buddhism are two words not even meant to be written on the same page but over time the two were crossing paths or perhaps the inconvenient truths that always existed are finally surfacing in the awakened society. There are a certain ideology in Buddhism that are truly extremist in nature and I know many would deny it like a blogger friend, Karma wrote in his radical piece "Confessions of a Trulku’s Mistress: Lies and Whispers"

Trulkus are born lucky or made lucky, I don't even care. They are after money, unexpected yet ok, they know they are humans after all. They want women, men are men see, but why trulkus always have to be men? That's something to wonder but it's not what I am going to stress on.

Recently I was listening to a friend who is highly religious. She is young and beautiful and you won't expect her to be someone who has already made countless trips to all the holy sites in India and Nepal. I have high regards for her deep faith in religion but I pity her greed for blessings. She has lavished so much in her lamas and monasteries that she is barely surviving now, and ironically she thinks that she has sinned in her past life.

As I listened to her narration of biography of each trulku she worships, she talked about a certain Rinpoche that I couldn't digest. She proudly told me that the Rinpoche must sleep with 108 girls and liberate them from their sins. I almost screamed, "In which book is it written?" 
She explained that she heard it. 
I told her, "Your Rinpoche must be the reincarnation of a breeding bull then."
She left.

I know she is religiously innocent. She was made to believe that. And perhaps she was intending to be liberated some day. Religion is such a bait that even the smartest of people can be hooked. Sex is good for health but how can sex liberate one from sin? Have you heard about such extreme application of Buddhism? Buddhism is about mind, when did sex become a chapter? How can rapist deliver liberation? Who is playing Drukpa Kunley? 

If such trulkus got away with this so far they are lucky, because they only met with blind faith, if they think they can screw the world and screw the very essence of Buddhism itself they will have to face the fate of Asaram Bapu of India. They can be charged for Deception, Rape, molestation, wrongful confinement and defamation of religion. 
You shouldn't Copy me!
P:S: This is written with due respect to the great Buddhist masters who protect and uphold the teaching of Buddha with heart and soul. 


  1. This is one helluva bold blogpost from a Bhutanese. I'm surprised, but glad. Your courage to write this is admirable. Ask me if I'm religious and guess my response.

  2. Wonderful article sir, it should be a point of concern in the society as the Tulkus and Rinpoches get degenerated. Buddhist philosophies cannot be levelled until one becomes Buddha. To generalise as you have done is really really a great 'Dew Nagpo' you are picking up. So it would be far more helpful if an 'additional term' is inserted along which would mean for only those Fakes/Mischievous.

  3. Dear Dorji Khandu, the fear of 'Dew Nagpo' is keeping people from saying anything against the wrong doing of some religious figures. But I certainly mean "some" trulkus and not necessarily the fake ones, even some who are largely accepted as real are heard to be worst at Asaram Bapu's way of liberation.
    Thanks to ma'am Tshering and Tsheten Dorji for the comments.

  4. sirji,
    this was a concern to me as well, not that my view matters :)
    Sex and religion! damn man!
    i have seen a documentary which exposes a very revered Rinpoche, the precious one. It gives an insight on how the Rinpoche haves sexual intercourse with his female devotees, in the name of Buddhism, Tantric Buddhism. I have very little knowledge on Tantric Buddhism although i have heard about it often, but i am sure it's not having sex with all your female devotees, surprisingly multiple times haha. Maybe that documentary i watched is not authentic, but why would they make one if there aint a fire. These woman are not there to rob cash from him unlike in few cases with rich celebs and sports personalities. I bet they came upfront just to share their stories, to inform other female friends in search of spiritual guidance. They realized it was wrong when the act was repeated without any spiritual benefit, how can there be one?
    But i can be totally WRONG
    However, i couldn't agree more with you, people indeed become very naive when it comes to religion. And when your friend say 'sinned in her previous life', did she 'tsay henma ghi lay' :). i see that, many of us are pulled down by the 'karma' halo affect. When i say that i don't mean to challenge the cost and affect factor. But many of us, back down on various occasions pulling this out as an excuse. You don't even try hard and when you fail, you blame your bad karma. LAMEST excuse. In a way it makes people lazy. In fact, Jamyang Khentse Rinpoche in one of his speeches said that each of our karmas can be altered every second and i strongly believe in that. Anyways i cease my comment here, could not stop myself from sharing some thoughts :)
    Great article, keep writing bro. Great day!

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