08 May 2014

How Are Scientists Made?

Does it take a scientist to invent a scientist? Seemingly yes because we never had a Bhutanese Scientist and therefore we don't have another. There is no inspirational figure to look up to for the students who are pursuing science. The highest dream they can dare is a mere MBBS. I don't know if the science we teach in school is only capable of making children dream as far as engineering college or medical college. Invention cannot be taught of course but how is it inspired?

School Science Exhibition is perhaps one obvious optional answer. By that I don't mean those namesake events where children do imitations of steam boat, waste chemicals from science lab to replicate volcanic eruption (for the thousandth time) or make a rocket with plastic bottle and football pump that will only fly two meters high.

School science exhibitions have reached new heights now. Children now make chopping and grinding machines with renewable energy, solar mobile phone charger, bicycle mop, and prototype of very futuristic machines. I am very excited to see what other 11 schools will come up with at the 2014 Science & Technology Exhibition in my school on May 10, 2014. These schools are coming from eight different dzongkhags.
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Each school will showcase three exhibits, which were the best from their own school exhibitions. The winning school takes home Nu.25,000 and load of inspiration. Sadly it stops there. Because unlike in other countries no company takes part to see if there are some inventions they could invest in. I hope this happens down the line.

We could go that far to bring in companies but at least we have taken the first step toward making the Science Exhibition very scientific. The judges we are bringing in are not only science lovers but some of them have inspiring inventions in their names. Two of the judges will present their inventions and brave attempts to the expected 72 budding student scientists on May 9, 2014. 

The venue my school has set up will win every heart that comes here, every little soul is hard at work these few days to make the place so welcoming that no one would want to go back. The school intents to make the whole experience the most memorable and inspiring.

On the Exhibition day I will be photographing and compiling reports on every exhibit and I intent to share them here with you all. But if you are around or if you love science enough to come all the way to Bajothang from wherever you are, you are invited. 


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