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25 October 2014

Third Dimension of Circle

Mathematically, Circle is a two dimensional shape, but over the past weeks during the twenty one days of religious and spiritual marathon after the passing of my mother inlaw I noticed another dimension to a circle. It's hard to define that dimension, perhaps that's why they never tried doing that, but certainly it's not something tangible~ it's not the height of circle though it's so majestic, it's not even the depth of circle though it's so deep, it's roughly the beauty of circle, the art of circle, it's anyway something more than Pi can help.
Please join me in finding the third dimension to circle among the following circles I capture from walls, ceilings, doors, frames, plates and thangkas. I don't know the names and significance of many of the following but I just captured them with lots of love and now I am getting their names and studying them. Any help in this field will be appreciated. If you have other circle arts that aren't in my collection, please send in and allow me to appreciate.











You are most welcome to add to this modest collection of circles, and also any information on any of the 12 circle will be appreciated, please leave the information as comment to this post.

Updated on 7.11.2014

08 October 2012

Rajnikant Effect in my Classroom

I don't have a say over South Indian invasion over Bollywood, nor does anybody have in Indian cinema. Not only all our channels are flooded with south Indian movies but all latest Bollywood hits are remake from south Indian masterpieces. Never imagined Salman Khan, Ajay Devgan and Akshey Kumar would act in copied movies and earn so much fame over night. Even creative Aamir Khan had his share, perhaps the first among them.
Rajnikant's Robot went on to drop Hollywood jaws and when he said, "Shah Rukh's Ra One's total collection wouldn't match up to his Robot's parking fee collection" He said it all. Nobody seemed to mind. They believe, even God doesn't mind Rajnikant.
The South Indian God
But I have a small problem with him ever since  I started teaching Probability chapter to my class VII students. Logically the probability of getting either the head or tail while tossing a coin is 50-50 and I have to use this logic for a few lessons. But my small kids wouldn't believe me, they say when Rajnikant tosses the coin it stands on its edge. Now what? Do we rewrite the whole chapter including Rajnikant-side to a coin?
Head, Tail and The Rajnikant side

07 April 2012

What You Can't Teach Your Family


I have been driving for the last four years and have covered over 30,000KM. I had my wife sitting next to me most of the time. She had been by my side from the first day I began driving. She sweated and shivered along with me. We went through the ordeal together. 

I remember her saying, "When I start learning to drive, I think I won't take so long because I have feared my share with you already." It's been four years now, but she still can't drive.

I often heard that a husband can't teach his wife how to drive, which I didn't believe because I am the most patient husband I know. I tried all I could to find time, place, words and mood to coach her. One session, and we are done. After all, the theory applies universally- I failed. She asked me to drive her home before she knew which one among the three pads was the brake. 

After that event, neither of us mentioned anything about driving. Every Sunday morning, I would wish I had tried a little harder- so I could sleep a little longer. 

Happy to know that Ganjung Driving School has come to Bajothang. My wife shall be the first graduate from the school, I promise.


I am a maths teacher and have taught the subject for the last five years. And in the last five years, my son failed in maths consistently. My son is otherwise a very intelligent child with a very high IQ, but there seems to be something missing in his ability to do maths. 

I was trained and experienced in dealing with average students, but when it came to coaching my son, there seemed to be something wrong in my training or my experience. I have helplessly watched him fail every year. He's been sent to a hostel now. Perhaps he might finally do maths peacefully and surprise me with a pass mark in maths. It's hence proven that a father can never teach his children, especially if he is a teacher.