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27 June 2015

Bhutanese Bloggers App- Coming soon

On 24 June 2015 we saw the union of 35 Bhutanese bloggers in Thimphu. 35 is by far the biggest number we had so far. This time almost every blogger in Thimphu managed to come, with little icing on the top from Wangdue and Paro. A friend of Bhutanese bloggers from Singapore, Rima has also made it to the gathering.
We ran out of space in this room...

During this Blogger Meet we made some serious decisions with guidance from Dasho Sangay Khandu and Au Yeshey Dorji; first we decided to call ourselves the Community of Bhutanese Bloggers and we agreed to meet at least twice a year. With optimism given by the overwhelming attendance we felt the need to look for better settings hereafter and to sustain the community we decided on membership fee. An elected working group is now working on a document that will guide our events.

The community made it clear that we may support each other but will never influence or interfere with anyone's freedom of expression, and that goes on to say that individual bloggers are solely responsible for what they write and how they write, even after having the community. It's little early to say but I see ourselves organising inspirational workshops to empower bloggers. We even saw possibilities of organising Bloggers awards.

Personally, my favourite outcome of the meet would be the idea of creating a smartphone app I randomly shared, which I am not sure if other endorsed but nonetheless I will work on this and when it's done I am sure the community will love it.

The App is going to be something like BHUTANews that collates feeds from all news sites. Our app will collate feeds of our members' blogs so that every blogger gets equal readership. The app can have features to analyse blogs through readership and interaction to come up with nominations for possible blogger awards. I'm going to talk to the maker of BHUTANews, who is a very good friend of mine. Let me find out what it would take to have such an app.
By the time we settled for this photo session, 12 friends have left...

I want to thank my co-organizers Nawang Phuntsho, Riku Dhan Subba and Rekha Mongar for making it possible. For the cosy venue and refreshment We would like to thank our friend Tharchen, CEO of iBest. And for the dinner, we would like to thank Wangyel Tshering for your generous donation and Ma'am Tshering Dollar for offering to add on it.

We missed so many bloggers who weren't in Thimphu on the day. We would like you to know that the community would love to have your presence in the future meets. There is no criteria, no formality and no restriction of any sort. No one is a stranger in the community.

01 September 2013

Bhutanese Blogger Conference

For something like Blogger Conference to happen in Bhutan we just need more passion than money. We must stand by each other. We have to read each other and honestly express our appreciation. We already have a good number of bloggers to make a team. But sadly most of us are isolated for reasons of our own. Thank you Rekha Monger for initiating this blogger tag, through which I hope we could bring together as many Bhutanese bloggers into a family like community. And perhaps one day we could have a Bhutanese Blogger Conference. 

I was tagged by Rekha, and I am expected to answer the four questions given below. 

Why did you start blogging in the first place? And what’s the story behind your blog title?

In 2006 there was hardly any platform for Bhutanese Writers and I created 'Write Bhutan' Blog but in few months I realized that it wouldn't work. Till 2008 I didn't know what to do with that failed blog. I kept making blogs after blogs with just one article in each. Then my journey on Anonymous sites began. After writing over 300 articles I realized I had nothing to call my own and then I went back to my blog and began "PaSsu Diary", where I can write openly and have ownership of my work. 

How long have you been blogging? Where are you based?

I was in final year when I created this blog but only after reaching here in Bajothang I began "PaSsu Diary" and this is the fifth year of blogging from Bajothang Wangdue.

How do you schedule your blog post? Daily or weekly? Or as and when inspiration strikes you?

My schedule is very random but I make sure there are at least eight articles on my blog by the end of the month. I consider one week too long a gap to be left between posts. I often write during the weekends, interestingly, I don't know if you have noticed, there are lesser readers on holidays.

Does your family and friends know about your blog?

My wife is my censor board and the most regular reader. There were times she would call me to take down something I posted a moment ago, and sometimes she would call me to say she liked something so much. My mother can't read and rest don't read.
It's strange but interestingly many of my close friends and colleagues don't know about my blog but blogging is a world of its own and I have lots of friends because of this blog.
Let me not tag anybody in particular so that any blogger reading this can tag themselves and take this forward. It may be childish but if you love blogging you will take it seriously. 

31 August 2013

12 September 2011

Thank you Dawa Knight

My blog began enjoying over 1000 page views per day since early last week even when I didn't add anything new. I just checked back and found that one post I wrote on September 11 last years was drawing in lots of American visitors. It was about how not to remember 9.11. Later yesterday I saw an unbelievable 3080 page views and it happened on September 11, 2011. I couldn't help announcing it on Blogyul, a Facebook page for Bhutanese bloggers. What happened next gave me even greater joy, a fellow blogger Dawa Knight gifted me a sketch of me and my daughter in appreciation for the massive hits.
Dawa Knight's Gift.
I would like to thank you Dawa for considering me worth for blackening your wonderful fingers. To the world it may mean nothing more than a sketch of an ordinary Bhutanese with his daughter but to me it mean the world. I would love to receive the original copy as you promised.
Screen shot from Blogyul