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10 July 2014

My Ninzi's First Progress Report

My daughter will always cherish Kids R’ Kids Day Care center as her first school as much as Kezang and I acknowledge, where she was enrolled since last year. She spent the first year in play group, just playing the whole time. It was there that she learned to make friends. She knew every friend by their names. She held high regards for her teachers, following their every word religiously.
Ninzi in Action
Beginning this year she began real schooling, beginning with Alphabets. We literally know everything that’s going on in her classroom because she would relive whole her day at home in the evening, word by word. We have never expected her to be so excited about her studies that she will keep us sleepless with her questions day in day out. She would complain about her being behind most of her senior friends and strive to catch up with them. Even in her sleep she will be practicing spellings of certain new words she learned in school.
While I always remained amazed at the pace of her learning and amount of things she was picking up I thought everything was random until we received her file on the last day of the first term.
Progress Report
It was a huge file containing every little thing she has done in the school with a progress report attached in the front. Flipping through the pages I could visualize how my little daughter spent her time in the school, day after day, lines and dots, word by word and I was so touched by the way the school has put everything together. This gave me a greater reason to cherish my daughter first school.
What my girl was learning, the words she was practicing, the objects she was drawing, the endless questions she asked weren't just random things, they were part of a a highly organized and progressive learning. The progress report states that my little one can:
  1. Recognize 26 Alphabets  and their sounds
  2. Write simple words and speak them
  3. Speak out number 1-10 (Of course she can dial my number already)
  4. Match number with quantities
  5. Recognize national symbols 
  6. Recognize body parts
  7. Recognize vegetables and Fruits 
Her Drawings
And beyond what is reflected in there she can recognize shapes and colors flawlessly. She can reproduce simple drawings. She can speak out Days of the week... and this makes her greater than her father has ever been at her age. In fact, I had been trying to make sense of all these when I was in grade II. My girl is yet to go to formal primary school and I am already a thoroughly proud father. Thanks you Kids R' Kids and the teachers there.
Body Parts

30 August 2013

On My Daughter's First Day in School

My Dear Daughter Ninzi,

Today, on 29th Aug 2103, I am the happiest father because I could finally send you to a daycare center. Your were always excited about going to school, I don't know what you mean by school but you were always angry with us for not sending you to one. Your frustration of being indoor the whole day, waiting for me to come and take you out, is apparent in your temperament and I forgive you for being very difficult most of the time.

The First Walk to School with Kezang
You won't understand the admission policy in school; I know you are ready for school but school is not ready for you and it won't accept you for another two and half years. Times have changed and perhaps policy may follow because I remember even when I was walking through the junior high school gate I wasn't as smart as you are now yet by the virtue of being born early I could occupy a seat in the school.

Meeting her old Friend there and holding on to her tight
You are born in new times and your generation is born with magic to impress even the smartest from our age. I don't know if any school can ever engage your batch of human species because from what I know of school and from what I know about you I don't think school can impress you enough. But I am hopeful that by the time you are schoolready even school would be ready for you.

Today is a very important day in your life, it was your debut journey to school, though a daycare center and it was your first day spent away from home. It was yesterday we decided to take your to school but your mummy realized today is a good day. She wants you to begin on a good day so that you have a wonderful journey throughout your life.

Your mummy, I, and aunty Tshering Zam anxiously took you to the daycare center. I was very emotional, I was ready to grab you and drive you straight back home if you showed a slightest sign but my brave girl, you were fully excited when you entered the gate and saw the play field and little friends. I was three years older than you when I first went to school and I cried like crazy but you were different. You ran from one spot to another playing and wouldn't even look at us. We stayed there for a long time waiting for signs from you but even when we said bye your weren't listening. It broke my heart but I knew you were being brave to impress us. When we walked out of the gate I look at you one more time only to see you were already engrossed in play.

Exploring her New School
We didn't expect the center to teach you anything and we even let your teachers know that, all we wanted was to let you mingle with kids of your age and learn to make friends, and most importantly realize that your are not the boss all the time because at home you started feeling that way. We even asked them to watch your hand because you have very strong and fast fist which we feared may land on some kids but your teachers were confident you won't do it because they have seen many like you sobering in the crowd.

When we left her there
Your mummy and I missed you so bad throughout these six hours and we kept looking at each other, with encouraging laughters, wondering how you could stay without us for so long. We kept looking at the clock. It's unbelievable that you survived the whole day away from us but when we finally returned to you we could see how much you held back, you were stammering with emotion but you wouldn't show any apparent feeling other than a dance move.
Day 2 -with friends

Sweet heart, not all school are as entertaining as the one you went to today but I hope you will always love schools like you did this first one on the first day, because school is the only golden path to a glorious life. This is the beginning of a long journey and I am happy you love the first step.

With all my heart

*Thanks to Kids R Kids Daycare and Tshering Zam for giving my daughter the first good impression.

Update 3rd Sept 2013: Monday was her Third Day in school and strangely she started refusing to stay, and Kezang had to stay back with her and sneak away while she was playing. And Day 4 (Today), She cried again and she had to be left there crying so badly. Kezang is almost changing her mind but again she consoles herself.