10 August 2009

Crocodile Sighting in Wangdue

Of course the picture of crocodile here is from google and photoshop brought it to Wangdue but there are rumor of sighting of crocodile in the Punatshangchu. I wonder if it can survive in the chilly glacier water but people say once there was a group of them in Punakha, later washed away by the '94 flood. Thus, there is a possibility.
The Indian labourers seem to have seen it.

So far it existence is not confirmed and it has not posed any threat to lives of people and animal but if it is really there then it is necessary for everybody to know. The concern body, perhaps RSPN should confirm it and take necessary precautions to safe the reptile from people and people from the reptile. Meanwhile I am always ready with the camera, let's see if I am lucky enough to be the first to photograph it without being eaten.


  1. Alright, so you have enabled your comment column. There were some really interesting articles by you that I wanted to comment on but just couldn't locate the door.

    Good luck with the croc stuff. Get a nice pic for us. I saw them at PLing above Norgay Hall...ther'es a decent number of them. But a croc at Wangdue coming back from nowhere??? You better mkae sure it's a croc and not something else. :)

  2. Ha ha ha alright! I could actually photoshop a croc posing its nose out of punatshangchhu but I am afraid of the panic...well I will write only the facts...

  3. Passu...the group of 'croc' you heard about were actually alligators in a pond beside the dzong where the royal wedding celebration took place. but there has always been random references to 'chusing' in punatsangchu even while those alligators were still there. so may be myth or real riverine type croc. in the mean time hold onto your camera.

  4. just saw that its a 3 yr old post. have been reading through links.


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