15 August 2009

Tell me It's Not True!

When I was a little boy my mother used to warn me, "to stay away from the road, and play among friends of large group. Do not accept any goodies from unknown persons and not to go to them if they call you. They could be from a big construction site. They take you away and cut your head and put it in the foundation of their structure to keep away from evil."

As life went on many truth from childhood happens to be just another fairy tale, but this cutting-head-for-construction truth remained, maginified with stories from different people and places. I am in the middle of believing and not beliveing it. There seem to be no logic in it. Please somebody, tell me it's not true!


  1. Hey PaSsu, I heard that's what they do when they construct bridges and water dams. So many tales abound even in our villages, I know it is terrifying.

    It is psychological thing, but I think our society is founded on superstitions. Still killing a human being to strengthen the life of these structures does not make much sense to me either. There could be other ways to do that I guess. So, another major dam is under construction, better be careful people, esp' in Wangdue, Punakha areas...hehe just kidding!

  2. Ummm, I think it's true. Mysterious disappearances have been linked to new construction projects. Now that could be hardly coincidental. I have heard stories but some cannot at all be believed. I have a friend who has worked in huge projects but she would not vouch for such ideas. Maybe she was sworn to secrecy. lol.
    Bottom line is, this 'art' could be dying; which ofcourse is a relief!


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