13 August 2009

Post Card from Around the World

Well this time it is from Singapore. My teacher Ms. Loh, yes a Singaporean, makes sure that I receive a post card from her on every important occasion and from every country she travels to. I have her card from China, India, Russia, England, Paris, Hongkong …I forgot some of them now. It is funny that the receiving end’s address never changes, I am forever fixed here. Something great about her is that she doesn’t mind me not replying.

The card this time is meant for the Independence Day of her country 9th August though it seems to taken 23 days to reach me. I asked about 9th August to Mr. Kong and he laughed. He didn’t realize at all amidst his travel and troubleshooting.

Ms. Loh was my lecturer in Paro College of Education 2004 to 2005. She was a great teacher. She still believes that post cards are better than email.

Note: Apologies for not post the tips for speeding up computer right away, just because this one seemed more exciting at the moment as I hold her card.


  1. Indeed, it's beena long time since I received a card like you. And it's not much fun when you get one via email. Yet we are somehow letting the art die. Perhaps it has got something to do with laziness. Kudos to you and your friend for the good thing you are doing to keep it alive.

  2. Thanks Tongyal. I am waiting for you to write , it has been 4 days now with your Shake your Bon Bon! Part 2...Come on!


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