30 August 2009

I Let My Wife Leave Her Job, and didn't let her regret...

We had lived apart for over two years after marriage and I thought that was too enough. But coming together could cost us a job, hers or mine. Mine we agreed was more secure being a government one, but what about hers? Well it was hard to agree upon, without having a promising option waiting. Hers was equally decent though private owned and she had a lovely workplace. She had too many good friends to leave behind unlike me, who was just an alien in Bajo yet.

Her friends knew me far lesser than she did so they had all sorts of suspicions; they shared the stories of so many new marriages being broken and women being left helpless. Her plan shocked many of them. After a while even I got myself soaked in doubt. What if somehow our marriage failed, would she find her way back? I have seen so many innocent girls being ripped of their jobs for their love only to fill their lives with tears. I knew deep down that I was not going to make her regret. That was just one side of the issue, while the other still waited for answer.

She was a working woman with habit of shopping for cosmetics, walking into beauty parlors, and dinning in good restaurants at the end of the month. Could I with my dry salary afford to treat her with her womanly basics alongside the regular household expenses and rents and clothing and so on? She may not ask for all these understanding my stand but how could I let her live a life full of silly sacrifices when I had confidently and promisingly led her off her good working life.

I suffered all these fearful energy running through my body. I couldn’t discuss the issue with my dear mother even. I had made all the choices so far and should put up with what comes hence forth. As of my wife she trusted me enough to let me think us out. And there I had made the righteous choice.

I proposed a business prospective in Wangdue. We talked it over days. Many ideas we discussed and evaluated. Cloth wholesale could run well but who will frequent the long road to and fro supplier? Same with the grocery shop and also cosmetics, in which she has greater knowledge actually. We put forward many ideas and crumble them off, as Abraham Lincoln says, “If I have six hours to fell a tree I would spend five hours in sharpening the axe.” We did right that.

Finally, this bold idea of Video Game parlor seemed right for us. We called it bold because in this we only have to worry about the initial investment. Then updating the games is necessary, which means some pieces of CDs. I did a rough estimation of how much we could earn in a month and pleasantly the worst case scenario gave me Nu.30,000 per month, which is more than three times my salary-in-hand.

I went to the bank for loan, and there I met many of my friends applying for vehicle loan. I envied them but I knew I had my priorities in order. I invested just about a hundred thousand in five sets of PlayStation consoles and TV screens. She resigned and we moved together. For more than two months the gaming sets laid in our storeroom. It was a long fearful moment with the loan adding up its interest and we waiting for a vacant shop to start up.

My wife grew pessimist by the day but I didn’t lose faith. In due course I designed the furniture and the signboard.

Exactly the day I was done we got a vacant room in Bajothang, some minute walk from where we live. And we began our business. It was a blast. It attracted young and old alike. We got our names, PlayStation uncle and PlayStation Aunty. When we oversleep on Sunday we would have kids knocking on us to come to shop. On weekdays she could have the whole morning for herself. In evening rush-hour I would go to help her with tea and snacks, and wait for my chance to play. Since I play a lot I discover lots of tricks in the games and kids beg me to teach them. Well I do that and attract more of them. Some kids come there daily and spend hours watching the fortunate ones, so I let them play for free some times.

After a month in the business my wife told me once, “You know, I feel the freedom kissing me. I can walk to the shop at my own time in my own comfortable garments, sit there and watch kids play and get paid. If I want to take rest I can just close the shop and walk back home without having to write an application of leave. And look, at the end of the month I have got more than four times my salary to count.” This was more than what I wanted to hear from my wife. She was happy and so I am.

The last December completed six and a half months since we opened our shop. We have recovered the initial investment besides our luxurious daily and monthly shopping. And last May we paid up the loan which was actually for fifty five months. Then I have applied for vehicle loan and now I drive a car and I still have the shop like the hen that lay golden egg.

I have everything a normal man wants in life; car, computer, laptop, Plasma TV, washing machine, refrigerator, sofa set, luxury bed, and a happy wife. I am not showing off my property here, in fact what I have doesn’t even qualify to be called as property but I am just trying to make a point that I have not let my wife down by let her leave her job for me. It’s all about one informed decision in life.


  1. That's one wonderful story PaSsu. You are one enterprising man, I know. Keep up the same spirit. You and your wife are lucky in a sense that you two found perfect soul mate in each other. I am glad you guys are happy having taken this this path a few years ago. Good for you.

    But for the PlayStation, come on man, you didn't tell me about this. Hey ... man! Maybe that was Uncle PlayStation's way of keeping secrets. But the joke aside, I would have never minded hearing such exciting news before, way before you deemed appropriate posting it here today.

    Anyways whatever you are doing definitely sounds interesting and Kezang seems to be enjoying it also. And you seemed to misusing it, impatiently waiting for the kids to leave to indulge yourself (lol). Good good, keep it up man. I will come up and spend some time trying to figure out the right buttons and keys. You will have to teach me marey. Hehe.

  2. oya Nawang,
    I didn't tell you? My god how did I miss that out. Of course I didn't tell it out to many (it is considered vulgar for a then 23 year old to do business and handle job) but you are someone i should have told. Oh man I am so sorry, I thank god for this blog, at least you know now.

  3. Hey PaSsu...great piece of writing, a great doable plan (happy for both of you) and more so a Great Wife ... Lucky you man!!!

    Keep going....

  4. Hi Au passu..!so inspiring tale.Many have visions and dreams,hardly very few shares a thought on it like you.I think Attitude and focus,team work had really worked a lot.great writing!

  5. This was an inspiring story. I think you have an entrepreneurial spirit. Never let it become dust.we need such persons. So, keep up the spirit.

  6. sir sorry to write in this blog but got no other alternative. plz sir can u help me where to go inorder to write our articles in our own blog. i tried every topic given but of no use.plzzzz

    1. I just checked your profile and found that you don't have a blog associated with your profile yet. If you have a blog, then just open it and in the right top corner you will have a "sign in" button. Sign in and then right there in the same place you will see "New post" link, which should take you to the place from where you can write and post your article. Write back if you can't figure out.

  7. brother i am everyday updater of your blog, and all the post are informative, inspiring, helpful and worth reading. I enjoyed reading all your post, and your blog inspired me to create one for myself, though i am not good at writing articles. wish you success with your business of PlayStation.

  8. Hello sir, U r inspiring person. Wish u lots of success.

  9. thats a truly heartwarming and sweet story. the story was not about your enterprising nature. it was the love and support of you and your wife and willing to go distance with a support beside you.

  10. Hi Passu, that is very inspiring one. I think we should call you to give a talk to our young entrepreneurs next time :)

  11. i love your blog... i dont know about Bhutan but having lived in 3-4 countries, I dont see a lot of men putting so much importance to their woman's career ...some do but thats because they see it as an additional source of income not because it is a source of happiness and security to the woman... hope more men think like you including my man (whenever i meet him)


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