11 July 2010

My Daughter Forgave Me

That night I failed miserably. She kept looking at me, as if trying to recall why I looked, smelled and sounded too familiar. She even smiled  at me often but every time I went closer she gripped harder on her mother. I saw her effort in trying to remember me as much as I was trying to make her remember.
It reminded me of the many movies I watched of people who lost memory, Notebook in particular. I then tried some filmy tactics; redoing every little thing I did with her, making my signature sounds... but before she could jump on to me it was her bedtime. I was angry and sad and miserable but my wife guaranteed that next morning everything would be fine. And guess what, it was! My darling crawled on to me and demanded me to take her out. Finally she forgave me for the seven days.
But I am afraid how can a child ever forgive their parents who left them for years!


  1. Sure must be fun being a father :)

  2. Ohh sir This is one of the best post i hav eva Read!! Its juz dat no daughter can stay angry from her Special father!!! N i Too Love ma dad More than ny1 in this world!!!

  3. tongyal, it sure is fun but really heart breaking at times.
    Neha, I know you are one good daughter, I need lessons from you as my daughter grows up. I need to know what she would expect at certain stages of her life...

  4. Of course sir would b honored to be of that help!!! Thank yo sir!!!


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