22 July 2010

Amazing Software- TeamViewer

They claim 60,000,000 people around the world are using TeamViewer and I say why not? It is such an amazing software. If you are already using it then I am reminding you but for the rest of you this shall be a treat. You can download it for free, unless you are going to use it for commercial purpose. It is just a 3.7 MB application file which needs no installation, you can keep it on the desktop and start using it right away.

What does it do? The software lets you run and work on another computer from your computer through internet. It is called remote support. You can transfer files to and fro. And the best part is any ordinary person can handle it. I no more bring my work home; I just connect to my office computer from home and do my incomplete works with hot cup of tea on my side. If I need some files from office computer to be transfered to home I can do it right away. Basically, it's like having the screen at home and system unit in the office. Speed is amazing.

You could best use it for seeking help from an expert online; you have problem installing some software or doing some technical things that you are not good at you could call a friend who could help you and let him open your computer from his place and debug it, while you could watch him do it on your screen like watching TV. Interestingly you could record the session too. Not to mention the chat option.

Excuse me I am working on students' result on my office computer from home. Tell me how you liked it in case you use it.


  1. That's amazing. I am going to get this too. Thanks Mr. Passu.

  2. This one is amazing sir...it works great. thanks for sharing

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