17 July 2010

Sports Photographer

Photographer and the borrowed camera

I was called for Olympic Day Celebration coordination meeting two days ago and I was pleasantly surprise to known that I was assigned to photograph the whole event on 18th July Celebration in our school. This unapplied assignment comes following my first assignment in Samtengang School. Everybody was cynical about my role, including myself, during that regional sports meet when I said I was there to shoot photographs while the others were either game officials or student escorts. I had to give way to the BBS guy and had to tolerate him blocking my shots. I felt as small as my little digital camera was.

At the end of the three days, there was about ten seconds news on BBS and I had twenty two pages photographic report on the regional sports meet, which went on to please everyone, and which went further to give me this second assignment.

And tomorrow I am going to get the best shots ever with the (still borrowed) Canon SLR and am going to earn my next assignment too. Whoa, l never intended this but I am becoming a sports photographer. I will upload some shots tomorrow evening.

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