05 July 2010

Showing Middle Finger at 65

Dr. Low with monkey hanging on her neck at Chukha

At 65 I would be complaining about my joint pains, grumbling about my children, carrying loads of medicine and worse of all doing just nothing, simply waiting for death. Or may be not; I can change that today! I sat down listening to Dr. Low’s powerful lecture and breathtaking presentations on dreaming big. My thirst for seeing Shiv Khera in person is quenched after these two days of workshop with 65 years young lady.

Her part of the workshop was actually meant for principals but since the last minute adjustment excluded them she carried on with us, and thank god she did. It wasn’t a classical workshop where we wait for the tea breaks and lunch break and eagerly fill up the allowance bill and then rush back home. We thank god that we were here.

Dr. Low inspiring People back in Singapore
She didn’t appear 65 in anyway; she emits rays of energy, happiness and satisfaction.  She dances, jumps, puts her foot on the table, shows her middle finger … She makes us laugh our lungs out, makes us play some funny games and puts us in deep realization and then gives us the want to do things that we dare not wish for. She is a living example of a person who dreamed big and let dreams happen.
If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be. Now, put foundations under them       - Henry David Thoreau
At 65 I don’t want to complain about my joint pains, grumble about my kids and survive on drugs anymore, I want to be strong enough to show my middle finger, run and scream with my grand children, help my children in buying their first cars, go on vacation with my wife and be a source of happiness to people around me. And it all starts now with a vision.

Note: Dr. Low Guat Tin is from Singapore, she is a trainer of managers. She is here in Bhutan to facilitate a workshop for Singapore International Foundation’s project in Bhutanese Schools.


  1. I wish I were one of the participants, need some inspirations from such people.

    Last week, I met a man who made me take pride in my principles and rights. Never felt so better talking to a revolt across the table. And I honestly feel more of such people should be there, if we are to bring some changes somewhere.

  2. Yes... You were pretty lucky. Indeed, Dr Low Guat Tin is one of the popular lecturers in NIE Singapore. She's very humorous, though she herself doesn't laugh much... haha... that's powerful and skilful, isn't it? Many of us enjoyed her lectures - on learners' motivation and leadership. Cheers!

  3. Good post.....have you also heard Yogesh Chabria who according to me is one of the world's best motivational speakers and found of The Happionaire Way http://www.happionaire.com/ ?


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