02 November 2010

My Daughter is not teething

Many of you have seen my baby grow through my blog and you would agree that she is a very healthy girl. She is far more intelligent than any baby I ever saw, not to mention her physical strength and sound making ability. She can already tease us and make us laugh just when she wants. Just five days ago she was gliding over the floor on her belly and as if to mark her 11th month she crawled that evening. She is 11 months 4 days today and can walk on her feet with little support from things around her. By all this my daughter is an illustration of perfect healthy baby... if only she had some teeth in her little mouth. My daughter doesn't have her first pair of teeth yet.
29th Oct 2010- 11 months old and toothless angel of mine

Dear readers (senior parents, doctors and anybody who knows about it), is it something I should be worrying about? Should I just wait or rush to hospital for some sort of medication, if any? I am writing to parenting@bbs.com.bt though but it would be nice if you could give me your piece of mind.


  1. Dear Proud father of Lil Passu,

    I've been told the later the baby has her teeth, the better because they lose them late. :)

  2. Kinga, do you mean I need not worry?
    By that, i should be happy rather, because the delay would be compensated later mo, when it is very much needed?
    Hope it is not another Bhutanese Monbo Jambo.
    Anyway, thanks a lot!

  3. sorry...( u mentioned senior parents..i dont fall in the category to answer)..
    well, u should seek medical help.... i have been informed that child grows teeth at the age of six months to nine months...some babies are also born with teeth..(lol)...
    it must be because of certain hereditary that which runs in the family... or you should seek professional help..
    good luck

  4. Sogyel, sorry for the foolish specification... thanks for ignoring that and giving me the suggestion.
    I have written to "Parenting Program" on BBS, still waiting for their answer before I take her to hospital.

  5. By your standards I should be running scared shit! My first born is fifteen months of age and has only just recently started sprouting his first one! He has been quite precocious with all other aspects but simply refused to take off on his teething journey :) But I am told that this is one of those processes that you cannot just schedule and is best left to its own natural and due course.

    Did you get an SLR, by the way? Your daughter's pic is a good one, and has a nice bokeh!

  6. Lekey, you mean after 15 months your child started teething just like that? Thank you man, I feel relaxed.

    As of SLR, I couldn't own one yet but I have one at my disposal, my friend's.

  7. I don't think you have to worry about it. I heard the same Kinga did. So not to worry. Don't have to rush to the hospital.

  8. Thanks Kunza, For now I am relieved. I too heard it from various sources. I hope what we heard is right.
    Answer from parenting@bbs.com.bt would help but they are taking forever.

    By the way, you don't worry too much either. I have a good feeling that you will have an easy delivery and your babe is gonna be very healthy.

  9. I can understand your worry. Here's hoping that now you have some ease about your beautiful girl's teeth-- or absence thereof. I agree with the commenters who say they will come when it is time. She is too cute!

  10. Thank you Linda. Looks like the delay is natural. I find her beautiful anyway.

  11. Wow Mr Lonely, how could you be lonely you have an amazing blog with 932 followers and over 2000 Likes on Facebook. I liked it. Great achievement for a teenager.

  12. Cause of concern:
    Sunanda Pradhan (Doctor I know on Facebook): hey, m fren(pediatrician) said that u can wait till she is 15 months... she told me that she is gona tell me more about it but i havent received the final words frm her.. anywys dun worry.. just wait a bit...:)

    Now she wrote:

    Sunanda Pradhan hey.. i m soooo sorry!!! MY fren was wrong! she told me that the first tooth shud erupt by 8th month... anywys.. u have to do sumgthing now n take ur child to the dentist or pediatrician... sorry once again!I m sure everything willl b fine.. all the best...

  13. hey passu, your daughter is so so pretty..i absolutely adore her.

    don't worry much about the delay of her teeth..i read somewhere that some babies take one year or more so to have their first teeth, and some get theirs as early as three months. i think this process has no specific schedule.

    but there is nothing wrong in taking her to a dentist and get a real time information.just to make sure, cuz we cannot really trust everything we read and hear.

    she is so beautiful :))

  14. Thank you so much Lotey. I wish you a daughter prettier than mine...


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