25 November 2010

Yangthang behind the bars

Next year when governments implements the tobacco law, which roughly says that any tobacco user without the permit will be sentenced to jail, my village Yangthang will be behind the bars. Since any jail will be small to fit in over 50 households I think it would be wise to construct walls around my village because only in one of the homes tobacco is not used.

I tried to figure out how my entire village got addicted to tobacco; my theory was that it could have been influenced by Indian army base in Ha but old folks told me that tobacco was there even before IMTART came in. While it has a long history, today tobacco play an important role in the performance of my village workforce. They claim that they can't work without it. Some say they lose temper very quickly when they run short of stock. There are some who lose their mind without it.

The recent ban on tobacco has changed nothing in my village, they only had to pay higher but they are supplied somehow. And in my opinion these people, if not helped, will suffer if the law comes into act. Their income may not be enough to buy them the taxed tobacco and therefore resort to black marketing which will land the entire village behind the bar.


  1. haha Passu it's interesting, humorous the way you see it. But are there really so many tobacco users in your village?
    well my friend from BNCA, was saying they are going to impose 200% tax on tobacco dealers. Now I have no idea how much 200% is but I'm thinking it'd be a huge amount. and as you mentioned, there's going to be jail term too so you might aw well warn your village people about the hazards and other stuffs.
    I can't stop laughing at this. Good work as always, Passu.

  2. Thanking you for laughing last year, but now it's time for crying...sorry it took me so many months to reply...

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