11 November 2010

November Eleven, the Date that is writ in Heart

If you ask a person of my age in Bhutan: What day is the most auspicious in a Bhutanese year? The answer is November Eleven. Early on, we loved that day because it was time for celebration, it was a beginning of a three day holiday, it was the last holiday before the exam, and it was the day we had school picnic. But as we grew up we realized it was more than just that; it was the day our king was born. 

The king who had to leave his playground at 16 to lead our country, the king who put lots of importance on children, the king who put people's happiness before country's wealth, the king who gave the people to rule the country, the king who so happily stepped down the throne...the king who so much manifests god himself.

November Eleven became a phrase among us that described the best holiday of the year. There were people who claimed to be born on the day, some who changed their birthdays, anyway we envied them a lot. I prayed for my baby to be born on eleventh of November, she delayed by 18 days. 

It breaks my heart when we no more march to the beat of the drum on November 11 but yet the feeling never changed: November Eleven is writ in Heart. How great it feels not to be gifted with a new king and Twenty First February to celebrate.

Happy Birthday my king.

I couldn't locate the authentic source of the great photograph I have used here, however I am grateful.


  1. Hi PaSsu,

    I know the source of this photograph and when and where it was taken. I am intrigued - where did you get hold of it?

    By the way, it is not my photograph.

  2. Yeshey, I don't exactly remember where from I got it but it came from friend to friend and to me. I liked the picture so much for it casualness. Every picture seems to portray k4 in very formal pose and this one defies the normal settings. please say 'thank you' to the source on my behalf. Tell him, I loved his work!


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