22 November 2010

Water Bill- Let Every River Count

Today National Council discussed on Water Bill. I am unsure of what all comes under Water Bill and what they discussed in the house but as much as I could grab from BBS news they were trying to create a separate commission for water. However, the house failed to come out with a resolution since many thought it was too early for the move. Had I been there I would say it's quite LATE to think of this but we could make up if we do it now.

Isn't it a matter of grave concern and shame that many homes are deprived of decent supply of water in a country where fresh water rivers flow through every valley? Many wetlands run dry and barren due to water scarcity. From Thimphu to Tashigang, there is no place in Bhutan where water isn't the problem. It isn't lack of effort from the government, it's but lack of enough effort. It is lack of focused action. Environment Commission has lots of things to worry about and thus water issue receives divided attention, which is just not enough.

Dam up the river: ultimate source of water.
It is not too late to acknowledge the seriousness of the matter; water is not just water anymore, it is livelihood, it is health, it is happiness. It's not too late to appreciate the call of rivers. Across the world sea water is harvested, sewage is recycled, deserts are dug... here in Bhutan fresh water is waiting to be dammed up and treated- as easy as this. It's going to be one time investment for sustainable supply of water both for drinking and irrigation. How can we claim 'every drop counts' when rivers are left to flow down to sea unused. Let every river count too.


  1. This is my personal opinion.

    The National Council discussions on the Water Bill essentially ended with a consensus on the need for MORE focus and effort in conservation as well as management of water. I Think there's complete agreement with the urgency you seem to indicate and for the right reasons. The discussions however, as is the case with all other debates, tried to delve a little further in udnerstanding what could be done to strengthen out much needed efforts in doing so. Setting up a separate water body was a strongly recommended proposal but the discussions had to be deferred until tomorrow for re-deliberation.

    You mention water issues are everywhere and it has been the same experience with us as we dwell amongst the community sharing the same problems. Problems in our different constituencies are not too different although the purposes may vary. Therefore, it has been our sincere effort in trying to understand and appreciate the issue even before the session began. However, as is and should be, varying viewpoints are expressed and I expect there may emerge different ones but I thank you for sharing your own in here and with me; it's always good and interesting to hear what others have to say, it gives one an opportunity to re-visit opinions one may hold.

    In the end I believe we must make sure more focus, more effort and more priority needs to be given to WATER not only for NOW but as our constitution mandates us for inter-generational security.

  2. Thank you sir for taking time out and reading my opinion...I am happy that the house has high level of understanding on the issue and therefore I am confident it will come to an agreement today.

    Will read about it in your blog.


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