06 April 2011

A Dog and I had a bad Morning

The poor dog was sleeping at the door of my class this morning when I came out, and poor me didn't see him until I heard a loud cry followed by a sharp pain on my right ankle. I bled and he bled. But for him it was just that one moment, while I had to run to hospital. My little students of class VII advised me to get some fur from the dog and apply it on my wound. It's took me quite sometime to convince them that it would only develop infection.

The unfortunate dog
I got TT injection and am given this tedious mission of observing the dog for the next 10 days. The fate of this dog is my fate for these ten days. If the poor fella dies, or if it starts acting wild, or if it sleeps throughout then I am advised to run back to hospital for the Rabies vaccine. My class captain agreed to aid me in observing the dog. I wish the dog all the best, because I don't want to die barking.


  1. Hi PaSsu
    I do not know about the dog but certainly your blog seems to have gone bonkers! It is showing all garbled up. What is wrong?

  2. Ha ha ha Thanks for the concern, I just corrected it!

  3. OK ... now the Blog seems to be Rabies free. It displays correctly.

    But what you report is rather strange. What generally happens is that if you suspect that the dog that bit you is unlikely to have had its rabies shot, the hospital will immediately want to inject you with the rabies shot.

    Aren't you better off taking the shot immediately? Why don't you consult another doctor and seek proper advise?

  4. The dog's immunization history is unclear, but he is a regular fella in the school and I think there is less to fear. But I will sure consult a doctor.

  5. Well guys, Yeshey is right. I shouldn't take a chance. My wife, after seeing Yeshey's comment didn't want me to watch the dog anymore. She wanted me to get the ARV (Anti Rabies Vaccine). That's what I just did. I have to go for six more doses extended over a months time...
    The Vaccine is very expensive, they say, which is why they don't give it to every dog-bitten person, but when you insist they can't deny...so please don't take chances. Rabies is worse than AIDS!


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