27 April 2011

I am not Dead, I want to Vote

I was recorded "Dead" in my census by a donkey at the Department of Civil Registration and Census, yes it's their mistake because the record with my gup has no flaw. I wrote about it last time and it has been picked up by Business Bhutan too. Back then, everybody was amused, and soon I was amused too.
But Now, I may have to pay a huge price for someone else's blunder- I can't vote in the Local Government Election. I am trying to send my Postal Ballot Application form since yesterday but I could NOT find my details in Postal Voters List nor in Electoral Roll
Not yet? How Come?

Today I realized that all my family members are registered voters and my wife is a registered postal voter by the virtue of being my wife, except me, who is supposed to be dead! and yes I am so dead now!
I may be the only Bhutanese who can't vote. Even if people at Census solves my problem now, my fate is frozen because by 24th April 2011, Electoral Roll was sealed!
Let's see who should answer about it. My right to vote has been snatched away and I damn have to know who did it. I will make noise till I get my answer!


  1. I read your predicament last time. That time I got so disturbed that our own people are that much careless - careless to the extent of disowning someone who is still living. This issue needs to be surfaced and discussed at a wider level forum so that each and everyone of us is sensitized. Today it's you, that's victimized. Who knows tomorrow it could be me, my children or someone else, and we all know it's an intolerable blunder that deem proper and fitting litigation.
    While I feel sorry for you, I'll try to pass on this message within my own circle of influence (friends, relatives and family) so that chances of committing such blunders in future is reduced.

  2. @Qinza,
    Thank you so much for the soothing support.
    It has become more urgent for me to find out the responsible chap. Matter is going form bad to worse.
    I wonder how ECB gave postal registration to my wife when they didn't give me. And I wonder why didn't they question my request for registration- how come a dead man...? Is election as serious as I am considering?

  3. My mother calls me this afternoon informing me that my VPIC. She sounded worried. She says she will discuss this with the gup. She is hopeful that this can be sorted out since we still have 24 days to voting!


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