12 April 2011

Late PaSsu

Deep condolences to my family members, including myself, who must be disturbed by the shocking news of my untimely demise. I was murdered by somebody in the Ministry of Homes and Culture Affairs, Department of Civil Registration and Census that has a vision of becoming "an efficient and effective organization, delivering civil registration and census related services of the highest standard and quality". The cause of the death must have been a careless punching of information in the database.
It may be an omen that I will live longer but upon hearing that I am "dead" in the census record of my country I had a very bad feeling. It came to my notice when I applied for NOC for my promotion. 
How did this happen?
Is it my fault?
Who should take care of this?
Do I have to apply for leave and run to Thimphu to prove that I am alive?

Whoever is responsible, please, don't kill me, I have a whole family to look after. And I don't have time and money enough to come to Thimphu to sort things out. Please take necessary action and know that I have forgiven you for declaring me dead.


  1. Check out with your geog office too. There was a deliberate murdering to claim the death compensation in the past. I sincerely hope it is not the case with you.

    Long live Passu.

  2. This is even more interesting than the birthday incident. When I say birthday I mean the birthday on our citizen ID cards issued by our Home Ministry.(especially those senior citizens whose birthday falls on 1st Jan)

    If we go by that date of birth, Bhutan will be the country where majority of its population are born in 1st Jan. What a party it would be.

    ha ha ha....

    I also have an incident to share with you Passu.

    It was in 2006 that me and my wife went to process her new CID. Fortunately or unfortunately, it took us only 15 min or so to get it processed.

    We came back home and upon our second look we found her name as Tranley Dullma insted of Kinley Dema.

    we again went back to reprocess the same. It was there 2 of us met our King. So for us it was a blessing in disguise. ha ha

  3. It must have been very shocking to learn that... u better check it out and update the details...

  4. Haha...humorous and funny packed with so many issues and questions. For once you scared me, thought your ghost was writing your eulogy.
    And many things happen only in Bhutan, that's why we are somehow unique...

  5. To me, more than just arousing sadness, I feel like laughing at the way they declared "death". It does happen with MOHCA. It's just a typing mistake, but i dont know how to solve such errors.

  6. Hahaa, This is such a humorous story and a sad one at that! I can't believe it actually happened! Truth is realy stranger than fiction! :)

  7. PaSsu, R.I.P. :)

    Come on, lighten up. These things do happen. At best, they are hilarious.

    Something similar happened to me too, years ago.

    It was reported that someone called Yeshey Dorji was arrested in New York for possession of drugs - and escaped. The government launched a massive inquiry as to how a government officer was caught smuggling drugs in a foreign country. They didn't even cross check to find out if it was me - they just assumed it would be me since I was always traveling those days. Much later, a friend - Dawa Sherpa who now owns a consultancy firm (he was working in the Trade Ministry which was my parent Ministry) - confided to me that people took it for granted that only I was smart enough to be caught and then give the slip to the American police :)

    But seriously, you better work at putting the record straight or there would be all sorts of problems for you.

  8. Thank you all. I am in Thimphu to get it sorted out. When people ask me why I am here, my answer amuses them, and finally it started amusing me too. I am happy that I am alive.

  9. Thanks Business Bhutan for picking this for publication.


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