01 May 2011

Dear Students, On Teachers Day

My Dear Students,

Tomorrow morning I will be very happy knowing you all will wish me more than 'good morning'. I am not worried about what you will force me to do, because I have dared to sing on stage last year, the last thing god wanted me to do on earth, but I am worried you might come with gifts you couldn't afford yourself. Gift is not important, it's you and your feeling about us that matters. Make a priceless card with your own hands and present it rather than some glossy card printed by machine with a price tag.

On Teachers Day, I have no confessions to make since I have always been dead honest with you, and I have no apologies to beg since I hurt nobody. In case some of you are upset with me for give you nick names then let me tell you I didn't mind you calling me Mr. Bean. It's just another lesson- keep your sense of humor alive at all times.

On Teachers Day, I want to remind you that I am not a role model you should copy, nor is anybody. You should know you are unique and special, and work toward building yourselves with your beliefs. You must have dreams driving you each day of your life. You must love your parents, respect your teachers, and have good faith in god and know that no matter how tall your grandfather was you got to do your own growing!

I want you to know I am so proud to be your teacher.


  1. Teachers take pride in seeing their students do well and your letter proves it.Happy Teachers day!

  2. Hi Passang

    Happy Teachers' Day :)
    You make a difference, and You ARE the difference!


  3. I like this post and I can tell you are an inspiring teacher. Happy teachers' Day!

  4. Wow.....its beautiful...anyone will love you for being their Teacher :):)

  5. Thank you all for your comments. This is one of my many letters to my students, and I am going to write to them every now and then.

  6. Hey Passu, after the RCSC exam I wanted to join teaching but my friends and family discourgaed me. I was passionate about teaching n to serve rural. TEACHERS really make differecne in shaping the future of our country. However, I am planning to join Special Teaching Scheme and serve remote school at least for one academic year. Happy Teacher's Day!

  7. It is heartening to know that teacher like PaSsu exist in the country. I can only encourage you to continue with the same spirits, to let yourself realize the interest and importance of the work that you are performing (you have already and is much appreciated).
    I was also a teacher, be it only for 6 months, in one of the tertiary institutions of the country (CNR, Lobesa). Initially it was tough for me, but i picked up pretty fast and thought the job was important.
    Now, when-ever I see my students serving the people, I feel on top of the world. Such priceless satisfaction is what teachers are rewarded with and i think some one rightly pointed out "teaching is a noble job".
    Keep-up the spirit PaSsu.

  8. Thanks Rikku and Sangay,I have always loved children and teaching offers me the change to be with them. I loved some of my teachers so much and hated some- which guided me in choosing how I wanted to become and how I didn't want to be.

  9. Hi PaSsu,

    Here is wishing you a very HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY. Sorry I am late ... but I was out in the East - chasing birds.

  10. Thanks Yeshey, I am happy now that you are back, One of my favorite blog visitor!

  11. Dear Pasu,
    I am very sorry to wish you very late. I actually wanted to wish the teacher's day but i am working in remote school after i finished my training from paro. There is no internet facilities!
    Anyway, you keep on inspiring many and I felt, though it is very late referring to the time but i am not at all late to wish you from heart. "Happy teacher's day" and hope you will be as same as today.


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