24 May 2011

Ghajini Awards goes to My Family

Some years ago, I used to be surprised and even annoyed at my mother's forgetfulness- there would be towel on the gas stove, plate in the toilet, ladle in the closet, leave the stove burning, ... she would laugh out loud and say, "O, I forgot it". I would beg of her to be mindful, "Mother, Please, please don't forget." But she would forget again. When I insist too hard to be mindful, she would ask in irritation, "How could I help? It happens, I don't intend to." She deserves the Life Time Ghajini Award.
It has been a few years since I became forgetful too, and then I came to realize what my mother meant. But my wife won't believe me when I say, "I can't help it." I even forget my car in the school and reach home on foot, thank god I reside near by. It would be Best New Comer Ghajini Award.
"Have you seen my phone?" is the question I hear from my wife twenty times a day now. My wife has joined the Ghajini gang too. And now she would realize how forgetting happens. But compared to my brother and son, she is nothing. Yet I thought she deserves the Most Promising Ghajini Award.
My brother forgets everything, every time, and when asked he would giggle and say he has forgotten. Amir Khan must have worked damn hard to perform that good in the movie, but if it were my brother he would have done so naturally. No one can snatch the Best Ghajini Award from him- swear!
The Ghajini Family
Next in line is our son, who at this very age forgets everything he doesn't like. He forgets his homework, leaves his book in the class when it is needed at home and at home when it is asked in the class. He forgets to bathe, brush, and polish his own shoes. He doesn't know where he left his unwashed clothes as long has he has a new set on his back. One thing I like about his pattern of forgetting is He could choose what he wants to forget- or so it seems. He should be awarded Outstanding Ghajini Award.
Only mindful person in my family is my little daughter, who surprises us with her ability to trace the lost phones, gas lighter, remote controller, slippers, etc. - and my wife say, it's because she is the one who hides it.


  1. ha ha ha ha ha Passa, you kept me laughing all through your article...

    sometimes it reminded me of my family as well....while you were talking abt the phone, plate and car stuff.......

    very interesting indeed......

  2. ...............n the Oscar goes to....THE GAJINI FAMILY, with your way of putting it in words, your family deserves more than Oscar award.

  3. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, Nice One! Amusing!!!!! :D

  4. You beat Amir Khan Passu, and the pictures go great with the script..thumbs up!!

  5. haha ha...this piece on forgetfulness will simply let no one forget laughing,both during and after reading....(not even the donkeys had they known how to read).

    Wonderful, Sir Passu. And cheers for the Awards. :)))

  6. That is really nice to hear. thank you for the update and good luck. track a phone


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