26 May 2011

Paro Dzong at Night

This was the shot I was attempting to get the last time I visited Paro, but because of the cold or may be my hand, I landed up getting blurring images. This time I made sure I came with my tripod so that I don't have to blame anything if the picture still came out wrong. And here is it!
Glowing Paro Dzong

Like a Diamond in the sky!


  1. Lets see what Yeshi has to say

  2. What camera (and lens) did you use? Just curious, Passu. :)

    If you are interested (if you haven't gone through it yet)I've a very simple piece on night photography written a couple of months back (http://www.cholachorus.com/?p=1583#more-1583) - not that I'm a professional (^.^) - just so if it's of some help!!

    Keep it up and hope to see more of your images!

  3. Hi PaSsu,
    This is a good try and pretty good results too. However, the images are rather smudgy - there is a definite lack of sharpness. Either you have used a very high ISO to record the images or the sharpness got lost in the process of downsizing the image for posting here.

    If you resorted to cranking up the ISO in order to be able to obtain higher shutter speed, I personally would not do such a thing. Since you had a tripod, you should have maintained a lower ISO because the tripod could have allowed you slower shutter speed. But you would have had to watch for the wind - at very low shutter speeds, the wind rattles the camera thereby causing blurry image.

  4. @Rekkha, thanks a lot.
    @Chabda, you are right, I too awaited Yeshey to comment. But you could have shared how you found it yourself.

  5. @Lakey, I have gone through your post and it humbled me. Your works are far too perfect for me to match, but sure it will guide me the next time I attempt a night shot.

  6. @Yeshey, finally I have you back, and for this post I awaited for your comment.
    Thanks for finding it good enough. Well, if you saw my camera, both Lakey and you would forgive me for the lack of sharpness- mine is a little more than digital camera and far less then SLR. There is no option whatsoever to set ISO, shutter speed and Manual Focus. After so many failed shots in the dark, my hand mistakenly went to Sports Mode and then it came right (that's why the image quality is not so good).
    Now that I know some basics i should try my next night shot soon- with an SLR.

  7. @Passu I am not a photographer myself, so I have no clue regarding the technicalities, however, following Yeshey’s comments, I must say that it reminds me of my childhood days.. Your picture appeared like the spark from the burned match box, covered under the gho. At a glance it also looks like Phuntsholing’s night view from Sorchen he he

  8. @ Chabda, you are funny, man, Before I could visualize how "the spark from the burned match box" looks like, you have already "covered under the gho" ha ha ha ha. Anyway, next time I will try a shot that will let you say, "diamond in the sky!"
    Thanks for coming back!


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