10 May 2011

If I Write a Book on My Mother...

My Mother- Cendrella so far
If I write a book on my mother dear, only the first chapter won't have to be written with blood and tears. The first chapter of her life was happy, born with a silver spoon but her luck soon ran out and her Cendrella-ordeal began. Despite being a daughter of a Dzongda, she had to fight the hardship of village life alone. She was deprived of education and gradually parted with her little inheritance. My young mother had to cremate  four parents and two husbands before I came of age to wipe her tears.
If I ever have to write the second chapter I will have to write of all those people whom I have tried all my life to forgive, people who walk this earth with pride because my mother was humble, people who rub shoulders with titans because my mother was innocent, and people who enjoy the smoothness of silken nightgown because my mother chose to remain in rags. My mother's good heart that I inherited reminds me each day that revenge is not the solution. Every time I think of writing about my mother, I think of those people who made my mother's life miserable and even on mother's day I wrote nothing.
My mother is living the last few chapters of her life and I am going to restore her birth rights- she deserves happiness in each word of each page, and I am going to make sure these few chapters justify the whole purpose of her life. I swear I will give up all my faith in god if he takes her away before I could give her all the happiness in the world.


  1. She has you for a son. Go, make her feel like the best mother a son can ask and you need not do anything more.

    Wishes and prayers.

  2. Hi Passa,

    yours is even more touching. I can feel the immenseness of your love and respect you have for your mother.

    Your mother surely looks Happy with you and I wish you all the best in making her even more happier.

    All the best.

  3. Ur mom must be ur role model. She believes in "Sweetness lies not in vengeance but in forgiveness". A wonderful mom u had. May she live long!

  4. Great one PaSsu. I think it is good for her to have you as her son. As understood by yourself, it now becomes the responsibility of you to keep her happy and let all the memory of her sufferings subside.
    Your mom is great human being, having learnt to forget and forgive, which generally lacks in any human being even the "hard core religion" follower. As Rikku pointed out, "wonderful mom and May she live long".

  5. Dear PaSsu,
    There is no undoing whatever has been done to your mother. And I doubt if it will bring her true happiness to see that you exact payment from those who have wronged her. Instead, I think it would give her greater joy to see that her son grows up into a fine human being - into a person who is devoid of the qualities that you have come to abhor in those that caused so much suffering in your mom.

    Like my favorite aunty would say, it is so easy to please a mom. So, make sure you keep her pleased and happy and satisfied, all the time. All that deprivation she suffered in life will fade away - in the face of your humanity, your goodliness and your apparent resolve to give her joy and happiness.

    My own mother died almost three decades back. But as she went, she left me a gift which I consider the highest a son can receive from his parent. Before she breathed her last, she uttered the following words in my ear; “Son, I want to tell you that you have fulfilled your duty to me as a son. I have been fortunate to have you as my son”.

    I pray that you too will be told the same by your mom.

  6. Truly amazing. Loved it so much. A wonderful son born to a wonderful mother, is all I can say. All my prayers for her long, healthy life and happier times ahead.

  7. Thank you everybody. It is only an expression of what I feel deep inside when I think of my mother's life, she suffered the pain of hell though god gave her everything...
    But forgiveness is I want to give, for I don't want to feast on shit with pigs. I want to live so well and give my mother all the happiness... No revenge is intended, fate is taking it's turn...

  8. You have wonderful mother...My gratitude for her. I can sympathize with your feeling. May she live long

  9. My love and wishes to your mother. And I am sure you will give her your best for you are a son to such a wonderful mother. BTW I too will try to be a good son. :)

  10. PaSsu, I feel like crying. I swear I am trying not to let tears roll down my cheeks.

    When I see people like you, a son a mother can be proud of, I feel world after all is not yet a desolate place running after individual happiness.

  11. @ Denduub and Kunza, thank you for reading my article from the depth. Loving my mother, I consider, is the purpose of my life for now! I wish you the same joy- the joy of loving your parents!

  12. @Anu, Thank you so much for sympathizing!
    I have missed your comment last time due to server problems at blogger.


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