12 August 2011

I Nearly Failed as a Father

It takes huge guts to confess that I nearly failed my duty as a father. I don't blame my mother for my long nose, I rather thank her for keeping it intact on my face throughout my restless childhood. But damn I nearly lost my daughter beautiful nose two days ago. I woke up from my nap to my daughter's cry, then almost went back to sleep when I heard her cry again.
When I checked she wasn't in the kitchen with her mother. I ran out on to the balcony to meet my little girl running to me with her face covered in blood. My heart broke right away. I hated myself for having taken a nap, I blamed my wife for not having noticed her slipped away. I wasn't sure what happened to her and what to do.
Upon investigation we found that our baby fell of face-down from the veranda, thank go we live on the ground floor, just about a foot from the ground. I had left some carpentry work unfinished, among which there were several planks with nails on. Her face was scratched by one nail, from middle of her brows till right nostril. Then she had toppled down and hit her head on the cement ground. Despite the fall she has managed to climb back and came to us crying. During this whole process of falling, bleeding, crying, and climbing back, her father was sleeping and that gave me the greatest pain. It was the mercy of god that the nail didn't go into her eyes or her soft skull.
It was such a relieve when we discovered that the cut on her face was not deep and that it wouldn't leave any scar. Swelling on her temple soon subsided and she started playing with me again, and I swear I will never leave her alone. I want to urge all my friends who are parents to be extra careful with your babies because I have had friends in school and college whom god had created beautiful but their parents failed their duties when they were babies and thus they had to live with their parents' mistakes forever. God saved me this time!


  1. oh my god, that was so close sir...i mean..things could have gone worse also..anyways....thank god, she is safe....peace:)

  2. Thank God..She is safe..But I am sure Children will be alws protected by God as they are pure and truth. Children are always next to the Kingdom of God. Anyway..Take Care

  3. OMG! Sir, things happen unintentionally. So, considering this in mind, it's by God's grace, she is on a safer side. I hope she gets well sooner. Take care .

  4. I hope your daughter gets well soon! And I must appreciate your effort to tell it. It really takes huge guts to admit it. If ever, in future your daughter reads it she will be proud of you because you realized your mistake and vowed to protect her. :)

  5. Thanks guys, just as I am extra cautious I am hoping by writing this here I may caution many young parents.
    I am on lucky father who has the luxury of a loving wife who stays 24 hours with my daughter, and I am guilty in this because that was when I was home and my wife took it for granted that I was with my little girl. I hope both of them will forgive me.
    By the way, I am very happy to share that my babe is fine and her cuts are not deep. It has already healed and there is no visible scars.

  6. so sorry about the incident but glad to know that it was a minor one and recovered soon.. with your writing i am sure definitely many young parents would have been benefited.. keep posting your experiences.. we could learn a lot..

  7. Yeah.. we have to be on watch all the time. I remember once bringing home a child of my neighbor. I had to be very alert and see that he doesn't get hurt. I thought it is quite risky to bring home other's kid.I am glad that your baby is fine and doing well.


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