30 August 2011

Selling Books in Wangdue- Nothing business about it!

If selling books were as easy as selling beer I wouldn't have chosen to sell Yeewong Magazine and Student Digest in Wangdue. And I am ready to accept any proposal to sell Bhutanese books here. I am a busy teacher and also forbidden to do business but I am a literature lover more and there is nothing business in what I am doing.
Student Digest on Sale!
Bajo town though merely born yet, has over 50 shops selling alcohol. If you don't find a bar in every next building, you win a lunch from me at Hotel Phuensum- well they sell alcohol too. On the contrary, if you find one shop that sells books in Bajo Town I bet you a copy each of Yeewong and Sutdent Digest. I am already sorry!
The adventure of selling books is something like the journey to Mt Everest- hardly possible. People have lots of excuses when it comes to buying books but I have way around each excuse. It is irritating, humiliating, saddening, and less often exciting. Many talk straight about my commission, that which but goes in travelling around and I don't mind forgoing it as long as I can spread the books in every corner of Wangdue Dzongkhag. I want to do business which gives me more satisfaction than money.

My wife runs a shop that entertains children with Play station games, computer games and internet. We chose to do this business even after known that our costumers are the generation with no money in their hand. While the whole town is madly busy intoxicating adults and drawing huge cash we are patiently enlightening children and exciting them on their crumbled changes. There is nothing business about this either.
Two magazines have already made it to our shelf and we are willing to accept more as long as it goes on to educate a child- anything for youth. If parents don't want their children to swim in rivers, get into fights, do drugs, drink alcohol,... put some cash in their hand and bring them to KPS- buy them books, let them Google, and let them see what it feels like to be Ben 10, after all a Students Digest cost less then a bottle of beer, and if your sacrifice another bottle your child can enjoy hours of gaming and surfing!


  1. Sir, it would be in the best interest of the children to buy and read the book. I just wish the book don't reach the bin before reading it and it's good to have collections of book or lend it to other friends as possible. This will keep the book circulating and famous for its outlook and quality.

    Sir, you are doing a great job and your= are an inspirational teacher for one and everyone.

  2. I second Yeesi7 - please continue the good work. Inspire your students and sow in them enthusiasm to read. You are in the right place to do that.

  3. I find it interesting that you value computer entertainment above swimming in the river. I don't remember it being dangerous to swim in the rivers in Bhutan. Have there been some accidents?

    Australian (Western?) parents try to limit their children's access to the internet and try to make them play. I wanted to say 'play outside' but there's a lot of fear around these days and parents of younger children are less comfortable about children not being supervised.

    I don't think anyone would disagree with books being good and alcohol / drugs being bad in any country.

    I'm also glad to see more activity and support for Bhutanese writers recently. I hope that continues.

  4. Thanks Yeesi7 and Penstar.

    @Murray, Thanks for noticing the details.
    Rivers have killed many children, and all of it happened due to swimming. Every now and then we have news on drowning...far too much for our small population. If we have swimming pools with trained swimmer supervising then I will be the first to jump.
    In western world you have children who are too much into computers but here we are still trying to get them come indoor and experiment with the amazing machine! There are lots of awareness campaigns done on safe use of internet, even before kids know what is internet...so there is nothing to worry about at the moment!

    You are right about activity among Bhutanese writers but the WAB or the writers Association we tried to form has gone back to sleep... if you could suggest some rekindler, please come on our Facebook page and help!

  5. I think you are doing a good job of selling the exams. It is indeed true that we find more bar shops than the library and book shops. I think parents should encourage children to read by setting an example every day and gifting the children with books. I think books will help the children in long run. An idea can change life and books can give us ideas.I would like to request every teacher and parent to advise their students or children to read books.

  6. Pardon me for my mistake. I mean to say " selling the books" instead of exams.


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