08 August 2011

Without Minzung Lham on Druk Superstar...

Forget about who will win Druk Superstar, at least it stopped mattering to me now. Just ask yourself when you are in an honest mood- Whose song do you have as your ringtone and caller tune? Whose melody stops your heartbeat? Whose songs do you hum subconsciously? If your answer is not Minzung Lham you are probably not being honest.
Minzung Lham, Kencho Wangdi and Dechen Zam. Picture Source: Bhutan Observer
Why is she eliminated from the competition? Is it because she doesn't a word on stage? May be not, her songs are thousand words stronger. Is it because we have fail her our votes? No, we voted but that wasn't enough. The hearts that beat from her are younger generations with lesser money to spare. The voting system is not about how many people love the singer, but about how much money! Honestly I don't have a better way of voting  to suggest since the show has to sustain. It is sustainability verses credibility- and nothing could be done about it across the world- from American Idol to Indian Idol.
But for a small country like ours nobody is going to make living out of the show, not even the winner but a voice that shall keep soothing you every moment of the day shall be Minzung Lham's and without her on the show there is no excitement. I don't know whether she lost the show or the show lost her.
The next singer to watch is Dechen Zam, but she is gone too. Now I am watching Karma Phuntsho and Ulap Lekey.
Thanks to Kencho Wangdi for entertaining us all on weekends.


  1. Looks like we're in the same boat...I too supported Minzung and after she's gone (her voice will remain though)I switched over to Ulap Leki...cheers!!

  2. Yeah...rightly said. After Minzung was out, i don't give shit to Druk Superstar!

  3. Sad that she is out :( Missing the show a lot. So hope the remaining performers entertain you, sir.

  4. I just thought Minzung wasn't preparing well enuf. Because we hum her songs all day long, juz got a feeling she was beginning to take it too easy. It is an all rounder's dame...and she wasn't upto it...

  5. Thanks guys.
    Dendup, you are right, it's an all-rounder show and Minzung should better focus on her god gift. She is better of as Rigsar singer, after all no one is going to buy her music if she starts singing Bodra and Zhungdra...


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