19 August 2011

Jigme's Surprise Morning Speech

On the morning of 18 August it was Jigme's turn to give speech in the assembly and coincidentally I was the teacher on duty. I saw him excited about it for a few days. He told me that he was supposed to speak on a great personality, therefore he wanted to talk about Albert Einstein. I prepared a small note on Einstein to supplement his speech as any duty teacher would do. And as he spoke it took me by surprise:
Jigme loves football: Jersey No.17

"The great personality I am going to speak about today is someone who brings changes in everyone’s life, especially to my life. He is charming. He is tall and he is funny. He has not won any Oscars nor has he built any great structure but what he has done to my life far surpasses the legend of Albert Einstein or arts of Picasso. He didn’t invent the telephone, he wasn’t the man who landed on the moon, and he didn’t even act in any movie yet... He has simply touched hearts and made differences in lives. For me he has brought a light in my life and has given me the reason to be happy. His words are pure and simple and he is the best person I or you will ever encounter in life. He will walk into your life and walk you out of your sorrows forever.
He is my Google for he has answers to my entire questions; He is my Facebook for he connects me to the world. No one can fully understand the effect of this man than I who lives in his reliance.  He is the man I look up to as my role model, my icon and my idol. And he is none other than my dad, our teacher and your friend Mr. Passang Tshering." 
As he finished it was my turn to supplement his speech, and my note on Einstein won't work. I grabbed the mic and didn't really know how to begin for a long time. I could feel an emotional knot tightening somewhere inside my chest. With my voice lilting I began finally:

The great personality my son is speaking about is me. He told me he was going to speak about Albert Einstein and I am surprised that he chose me over Einstein. Many of you already know, and for those who don't know, Jigme is my step son (avoid the "step" when you say). But two of us share many things in common and thus we have build a relationship which stands the test of time.
There are many of us who perceive Divorce as something very negative but Jigme accepted it. Many blame their parents for breaking the family and try to take ruthless revenge but Jigme didn't do that. Ever since our time, children from broken families use their family problem as license to be naughty but one thing you must understand is that it wasn't easy for your parents to go separate ways either, but when things don't work well between the two there is hardly any option left. It isn't about a day or two, marriages are for life time and no one would want to waste this one life in an unhappy relationship. Jigme accepted the truth and accepted me into his life and it should be a message to everyone who share similar fate to respect your parents' decision and give them their rights to happiness. And because of our very special relation we make up a very happy family and I wish happiness to all of you.
And Jigme, thank you for speaking about me, I know how you feel about me even if you hadn't spoken.
I had so many thing I wanted to share about me and Jigme but I had to keep note of the time as well.

P:S: Jigme and I have always thought of each other as our own and I don't appreciate when people address me as his step father or him as my step son.  


  1. Well, what can I say. I am speechless and my senses are numbed. And being in the same position that your son is I can truly understand. Except that I am glad you must be bringing happiness in people's life and you should continue to uplift your inborn goodness. Congrats to you both. Enjoyed the post and loved the speech.

  2. Passu sir, You deserve that praise. :)
    And such a good nature in your son Jigme may bloom for ever.

  3. speechless sir...and heavens have been so kind to create such a wonderful and beautiful moment for both of you.....

  4. Amazing things happen to amazing people only. Keep up and may god be with your family....

  5. this is simply touching.........

    god bless you and may jigme have a good life ahead......


  6. Simply Amazing! I must say I am in Jigme's shoes belonging with the fortunate parents. No matter how bad the things go between their parents, the kid deserves to be someone's son and daughter. I am proud I am blessed with the best family and I feel Jigme might have felt the same and he is proud to be your son.

    A tear of joy is all I got now. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

  7. reciprocity of love and understanding is what keeps us going on. wonderful sir!

  8. Dear Passu Sir,

    I am proud today to learn that you have achieved to win the heart of your son. It is not easy to creat such relatioship and you did that..God Bless..

  9. My tears says a lot(but you ddnt see me shedding it reading ths post),Jigme is fortunate to have u for his dad n u r fortunate to have Jigme for a son.God bless you both!

  10. Hey Passu, this is something that every one should believe in n it touched my heart. Seriously, man!

  11. Passu sir, i never knew that you have such an affectionate son though we have been together for couple of years.. anyhow dats marvelous.. a typical example to the world at such a critical juncture.. certainly its beyond my words to express my appreciation.. may the intimate bond of father -son last till eternity...

  12. My sincere gratitude to See Jams,Dorjay Rhigden Peljor,Rikku,land of eternal happiness,lekey, Denduub Tshering, Yeesi7, Kuenzang Thinley, SOM NOVU,Sogyel Tobgyel,Leoparsica, and Penstar for reading my story and taking time out to comment on it.
    I have my stories to write about the two of us but in writing them I have to mention about him being my step son which I don't like to do...but that day I couldn't help...
    Thank you so much, you made me feel great!

  13. Sir, this is touchy. Early in the morning, my eyes are filled with tears. Appreciated you and Jigme la.

  14. This is simply touching la. I may be stranger to you but i have always been following and reading your blog. It really is interesting and inspiring!!


  15. Sir I know you as well as jigme too...and i thinks both of you deserve to be best forever. ..so once again you are really a great!

  16. Jigme never fails to surprise with his little, matured and kind head. It's a beautiful piece, more is the relationship ☺


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