25 October 2012

A Movie for Teachers- From Monu Tamang

I love movies but I really don't believe in investing hours on just any movie. There are perhaps a million movies and half of them can be disappointing, that's why recommendations are very helpful. Thank you Monu GhishYing Tamang for recommending a movie that touched my soul. The last time I felt the same about a movie was in my college days and the movie was Finding Forrester (This is for writers). That was also watched upon recommendation by a good friend.

The Ron Clark Story is based on the true story of a teacher. The movie shows us how far we can go with our passion. Ron Clark takes up the worst class in New York City and walks them to the top. I laughed and cried, and I want every teacher to watch it. I have shared the movie with many of my friends in Bajothang and I will make sure it reaches far and wide. 
Still from the Movie
How did I get the movie is another interesting story. When I read Monu's recommendation on his blog I was dying to watch it and I left a comment in which I also wrote "...If I can't find it you will have to bring your copy along when you come home and pass it to me." In his next blog post, he wrote he was coming home. In the footnote, he has left a message for me,

"PS: I will start my journey on 14 October, if I get the train ticket. PaSsu sir, wait for me at Wangdue Zampa, I will drop my pen-drive (The Ron Clark Story) there from the bus while travelling to Tsirang (my Home) lol."


Last week my office assistant hand me a registered letter with something inside. On the back of the envelope, it was written 'From Monu Tamang'. He had reached Thimphu and perhaps thought waiting on Wangude Zampa may not be a good idea. I opened the packet to find a pen drive with the movie inside it. 

Dear Monu, the movie has become double special for me just because you sent it with high regards. I will watch it time to time and every time I do, I will remember you. I will share the movie with as many teachers as possible and all the good changes will be credited to you. Thank you so much.


  1. NOw Passu, i would luv to watch that movie from the same drive:) Hope we cross our ways sooner. regards

  2. Think I caught bits and parts of it on TV way back, but must get me hands on a copy too! My favourite part about your blogpost? How the movie reached you:)

  3. i as a teacher n principal of a secondary school wud really luv 2 view it again n again first 2 improve my self n then 2 make my colleagues improve. bt i dun know hw i can gt hold of one. can u help me passu? i wud really b grateful coz i am deeply interested in makin my school a perfect and conducive learning place.

  4. Thank you sir for finding the movie the way I found it. And thank you for caring to write about me. I felt greatly honoured to be featured in your blog. Thank you sir.

  5. Sir, it was a wonderful movie and thank you for the information

  6. Very unique story how the movie reached to sir. More than the content of the movie, I liked the Monu's consideration of other party's passion.
    If anything can bring a positive change in someone's life especially in teachers life, I am enuthiastic viewer to watch that movie.
    Hope I get the movie soon.

  7. Sir I would love to watch that movie now


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