17 October 2012

A Night to Remember

The Legend has it and movies show it that werewolves transform into wolves on full moon nights and turn bloody wild, but they are thought to be mythical species. But practically we have some men who turn into animals every weekend, if not wolves, and go hunting for trouble. Weekends are for people to rest and relax but many drink and go wild and fight and tire themselves so much.
On weekends (from forbiddenplanet.co.uk)
My family usually hangout late at a cafe run by my colleague, but last weekend I was occupied and couldn't make to her place. Strangely that night most of our regular friends were absent as well, and her husband was ill and left for home early. She and her niece were closing the cafe after 10 when a car pulled over and a guy started teasing her. She is not somebody who would make a fuss out of silly things. She ignored several times but he wouldn't stop. She reached at her door, which is just across the street, when the man started badmouthing her. She is good at debating, she fought back equally well.
Such men expect women to either shy away giggling or give positives signs when they eve tease them but when a woman fires back they have very think membrane around they drunken ego. The man came out of his car and ran for her. His friend was waiting in the car behind the wheel. A group of Indian laborers had gathered, along with some neighbors. The guy grabbed her by her neck and dragged her a few steps when she twisted around and gave a slap across his face. The man fell in the drain and got himself soaked in mud. She send another shot on his face with her handbag when the muddy man came for her again. He fell the second time and she jumped on him throwing punches all over his head until the man ran away like a beaten dog. The car that was waiting for him sped away after him.
Her husband knew only after the show was over, when their niece was crying aloud outside witnessing the fight but the woman has fought for herself. She called the police and started hunting for the man and his friend. Next evening when we went to her cafe she wasn't there, she was gone to police. She has taken leave from office and went looking for the man. She got him and has handed him over to the police. Her niece told us the story.
When she returned she scolded us for not being there the other night. I told her that she has fought well and done what we couldn't have. But I was curious as to why she had to go to police if she had done so much to justify the matter, to which she said, "I have fought for my defense, but not many women can do it. That contractor (O the man was a contractor) seems to think that he can abuse any woman. I took him to police to let him know that he can't..."
I jokingly remarked, "with multiple knockouts in one night the man will never again dare look at another woman." But the truth is every weekend so many men turn into animals. But that was a night to remember.


  1. Thanks for sharing, sir. A wonderful post and more than that a serious concern in our society. Eve-teasing in Bhutan is too rampant. It's time that we respect women and stop passing lewd and unacceptable comments and tease them in public. Even a kid in the street calls a girl and teases her who is old enough to be his mother. This is one change Bhutan needs to see sooner rather than later.
    The man should have learned a lesson now. He was both beaten up by the women and taken to police. Hats off to your friend. Say Congratulations to her, sir. :)
    A night to remember for her but a night not to remember for the man indeed.

  2. Very imaginative story Passu Sir!
    I still don't know why contractors are the only ones who get into such web of mischievous acts. It is not only when they are drunk. A rural community is the best to know ground realities. Is it because of the money, we think they posses? I have heard and seen in reality most of them aren't that fortunate. They are full of debts! (No offense to contractors here)
    In my small village too; such incidents are very common! But no counteractions are done and most remain as poor victim! (esp women)
    Your friend; Huge applause for her bravery! a good example to other women and men as well.


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