24 October 2012

What is Gangnam Style?

'Gangnam style' was the word I was hearing between every line and as always I didn't want to remain ignorant about a topic that was trending so much over the social media, so I looked up for it to find out that there's a heavy guy who dances exactly like me and has become so popular. 

Many days after my Gangnam discovery Kezang asked me, 'What is Gangnam Style?' I did my dance steps to her to show it and as usual she laughed at them. Ok, I took her on YouTube and showed her the real Gangnam style and she laughed harder. Later she told me that we two dance the same. That's it.
All these years people laughed at me when I danced, because I didn't call it Gangnam Style. Now people are trying so hard to dance like me because it's Gangnam Style.


  1. ha ha ha so looks like you have discovered your Gangnam style now...

    I think i too have a similar dance style like the opa Gangman man.. and I am want to try out once...

    till then have a nice day man.

    Kuenzang (PSN)

  2. Wow awesome dance steps though! nice one

  3. Hhaaa! Passu Sir, you are genius. I heard this "Gangnam Style" is his 5th dancing stunt unknown to outside of Korea. Let's wait for his 4 stunts and enjoy ourselves more.

  4. Thought it would be something complicated, like MJ walk, cockroach slow motion, etc. Now i can proudly say "i can dance".

  5. What is Gangnam Style? That's easy. It's the music that's been the in-house favorite for the past few months at the subic dance club I go to on weekends.

  6. What is Gangnam style? That's easy, it's one of the biggest surprise hits ever. The best part is, it made for one wild and fun dance party at the dance club in subic I was in last week.


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