21 October 2012

Dr. Gado, Make Your Own Choice

Dr. Gado
Dr. Gado has confirmed his intentions to run for 2013 election from my constituency, which gives me a strong reason to cast my vote next year. He is very popular back home as someone who has achieved great height in career and someone who remained close to his roots. His seat in the parliament is almost confirmed by the grace of his own goodness displayed in the last many decades.
However, I am startled by his indecision in choosing the party. Opposition Leader Tshering Tobgay has called it the new height in the art of politics, But I call it the height of indecision. How can he let the people chose party for him? Is he going to agree with the ideology of any party people choose from him? Does that mean he has no vision of his own political career? or does he already know which party people will drag him in? 
In all regard, experience, maturity, education and wisdom he himself is the best man to make the choice and I will trust his choice more then the choice made by hundreds of uneducated folks. I am one of his people and I want him to chose his own party and tell us how he will serve us from there.
I can sense the art of politics applied here but how satisfying will it be for him at the end? or how regretful will it be if it turned out the otherwise? Please Dasho, make your own choice and let us make our own choice when the time comes for us to make our choice, now is your time not ours. 

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