14 April 2013

Afternoon with Farmer Sangay

Another big thing this weekend is finally meeting Farmer Sangay in person. We have been friends on social media for a long time. The man and his initiatives need no introduction and I am among the many people who couldn't dare to be different like him but I have all the respect and appreciation for the difference he is making. He calls himself a Farmer, but I see him as a social scientist. For the record, he is the founder of Happy Green Cooperative- "the cooperative model of green ideas and solutions to pursue social innovations."
Showing off our daughters!!
Sangay brought along another amazing young man to make my Sunday more meaningful- the founder of Bhutan Kidney Foundation, Tashi Namgay. Sharing table with two of them and measuring their achievements against their age I saw a beautiful preview of future Bhutan. I on my part hoped and prayed that some day some of my students will turnout to be different like them.
Between the Founders
Among the many innovative plans Sangay has, one of my favorites is his Cafe, which is also going to be the Innovation Lab for his Cooperative, where you and I can walk in with our ideas and give them shape and color over coffee. And you know him- He will make it happen!
Our Families 
We both brought along our families but it was a mistake, we should have left our wives alone with their Sunday because two of us had thousand things to talk about, much of which weren't of interest to our ladies. But it was additional pleasure to meet his actor wife, who stands strong behind him in his passion.

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  1. ...Wow, Dear Passang, becoming your fan was something not so difficult as a farmer as all your stories captures the smallest "Chhunku" eyes of all human race on earth, but being a friend and now a subject of your stories among such curious and much enjoyed blog is something just can only happen in the dreams of long summer nights of the farmer me. i have thoroughly enjoyed you and your familys company besides two sleeping daughters of ours. i am thinking may be if both wives sleeps would be better idea to hang out next time LOL. i just like to say thank you and i have to listen more on your innovative ideas of social business as well...next time in our coming up innovation lab. all the best for the rest of your cyber control...u r truly james bond saving the world otherwsie...at time..


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