19 April 2013

The Sherig Collection in Bajothang

I wanted to write about the Sherig Collection right after I get back but now I see it has already come out in Kuensel and I am hopeful you all read about it. The 23 GB collection is the answer to all the Bhutanese school's question about internet connectivity and speed. It has my personal favorite Khan Academy and Wikipedia and your computer could become a mini internet server.
Read the detail report from Kuensel by Gyalsten K Dorji- he interviewed me too.
I started eLearning club in my school this year and we had big dreams but small confidence until we got our hands on Sherig Collection. Now my club is on a mission to promote the resources in and outside the school. We are designing Wiki booths in different location to make the resource accessible by every student. Our club is also going to build national question bank besides creating YouTube channel on Bhutanese syllabus- wish us luck.
Thanks a million to Rigsum and its research team for working beyond business and contributing significantly to Bhutanese Education System. I wish you the best in the second phase of Sherig Collection. Please invite me again. 


  1. Dear Passu,

    We are very pleased to hear this wonderful news. Thank you for making these invaluable learning resources broadly available to the students of Bajo HSS and beyond. The Wiki booths are a cool idea and will hopefully satisfy as well as increase the thirst for self-inquiry. It is the effort and innovation by teachers like you that can lead to a real transformation in students' lives.

    We wish the eLearning club success in expanding their pursuits as well as others' knowledge and learning! Please let us know if you need any further support from our end.

    Boaz and Prof Galit
    The Rigsum Sherig Collection

  2. Sir, we r very happy 2 have khan academy and Wikipedia in our school la.. its very useful to us la.. thnX sir..

  3. I wish i joined bajo. Must have learned lots of things. I salute u pasu sir!

  4. No Dechen Ugyen, you can easily get the same resources from me or Rigsum and make it avialable in your school anytime. Come with external hard drive with free space of 23 GB.


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