14 April 2013

Meeting ThimphuTech.com Authors

This morning I traveled early to Thimphu to attend a presentation by the two authors of Thimphutech.com, the most reliable blog on technology and tech-services in Bhutan. I will write about the program in the next post ( you can already read about it on their blog-Click Here).
This post is just to express my joy of meeting two great people Boaz Shmueli and Galit Shmueli, today and spending enlightening time with them. It has always been my dream to meet the two of them but on two occasions earlier I failed. I decided I won't let go this chance and even the luck gave with me- I received personal invitation to attend the presentation from Boaz, and my principal yesed it right away.

Boaz, I, and Galit


  1. Cool.... man. I am loving it. I am happy that you are now building your own profile.

  2. We are double-delighted to finally have met you in person! Thanks for commemorating the moment with an ever-lasting photo :).

    Boaz and Prof Galit
    Rigsum Sherig Collection


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