13 April 2013

News that Broke my Soul

The news of 13 year old girl being raped and murdered in Sarpang killed a part of me this morning. This was something we used to hear from distant lands as shocking news. Who would have thought our country will have to see this day. We have strong laws, so many people are in jail for rape, and still what is missing?
I am still angry over the news of girl being raped by her father and brother, which didn't even make so much news among us and by tomorrow even today's news will be forgotten. We don't care much- we don't care as long as it didn't happen to someone our own.
I am a father of a daughter who want a safe place for my daughter to grow up, go to school, play with friends, dream big and live without fear- perhaps every parent would want it- perhaps we should stop treating this news as just news...

Don't even know what to think and do...


  1. Oh God! let her soul rest in peace. How terrible it is to hear such happenings in Bhutan, a GNH, Buddhist country. This is outrageous. Such criminals must be hanged to death. I hope our people and government wont let go off such issues silently.

  2. Its irony that such terrible incidents are on the rise and that cannot be tolerated at all. i am afraid how safe is Bhutan now for innocent girls like her. There are so many questions that has no immediate answers.
    Hope the government does all that is necessary.
    may her soul finds peace..

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