01 May 2013

Drunk Chorten on the Sober Road

I was looking for ST Auto Spa, the latest car servicing facility in Thimphu, to give my car a nice treat for the 90,000 km service it provided to my family. I could see the orange building with big signboard but couldn't find the road that leads to the facility. After a short drive I was startled to find a chorten standing on the road, I nearly honked at it. It looked like a drunk chorten on a straight road.
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For sometime I forgot everything, just came out of the car and stood there wondering what exactly must have happened with the chorten to be there right on the road. I joked about it on twitter but it's anybody's guess that it wasn't the chorten that encroached on to the road. It was standing there for ages not realizing that one day it would be standing on our aggressive road to change.


  1. Haha. Very interesting. And this is what development does to our ancient heritages. The one you have is so physical and tangible, but what about so many other intangible and cultural nuances that development kills? It is sad, but this is what it is. Nice title PaSsu! Keep up the good work!

  2. I also constructed one building just near to a similar chorten.

  3. Thanks Ngawang.
    And Porky Pie, I wanted to write about your design but wanted you to write about it, with all the facts firsthand. yours is a nice merge with the past. Lots of appreciation.

  4. As sad as the Chorten seems to be, the road appeals like a Diamond with such old monument nearby.
    No wonder the development has taken its toll to ignoring the olds.


  5. Something wrong with NEC Clearance because normally NEC doesn't allow such construction to encroach religious or cultural monuments. NEC/DEC needs to relook in to it very seriously.


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