31 May 2013

Jigme Couldn't Find Taxi From Thimphu

My son Jigme was rushing home from Paro this afternoon. He wanted to spend this election holiday with us at home. But he is stranded in Thimphu tonight because he couldn't find a taxi coming to Wangdue. The taxi he got into asked him Nu.450, almost 100% more than normal rate, and when he questioned the driver, he was told that all taxi charge same rate today. His repeated protest made the taxi driver change his mind and direction. The taxi politely threw out my boy and went to Paro.
I made the following request on Facebook (see picture) and only respond I got was to note the number of the taxi and file a formal complaint against it in RSTA office. 
It was not about my son alone, it was about the illegal fare hike going on and I thought RSTA will go there and catch them red handed, but it turned out that we have to follow procedures, which indirectly meant there is no heart in dealing with the problem. Like a friend on Facebook commented,
 "That is the problem we have la; even, if we file a formal complaint with veh. registration No., they will ask for evidence and will go on..."
This was a problem since my school days and I am shocked even during my children's time the same problem bothers our country. I am sure many desperate travellers during this election must have been harassed by these taxi drivers, which will make the very voting experience bitter. Now I know why Monggar election officer chose to hire private cars rather than taxis. 


  1. why don't you get in touch with RSTA Wangdue.

  2. Passu sir, I read the earlier post as well and I felt the same as what others commented on the post. I think, it is better to contact RSTA and inform about it. This is really not the way how things should work. Although, I am not in Bhutan yet, I do have a bitter experience travelling in taxi and paying different rates everyday. I feel like every taxi's should have a fix price irrespective of whether it is on holiday or normal working hours.
    Passu Sir, I really hope this concern gets over soon.


  3. Bhutan is becoming dumb with such dumb peoples. I am glad Jigme didn't pay him the amount he asked.


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